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by:TONDA     2020-05-11
1, don't come up to ask a seller you this bed is tasted, bed is tasted thick cloth can't compare with sackcloth, yarn count, the higher the thinner the cloth is exquisite, feel is good. Want to choose according to their daily needs. 2, do not blindly pursue twill bedding, embroidered bedding market 80% should be plain cloth, do not think that no worse than twill plain, but if it is, of course, and the bed is tasted, even if he is twill also don't want to buy, you will be disappointed. 3, don't expect 100% of bedding is colorfast, also don't think they spend dozens yuan you can buy a bed is tasted do not fade. Using reactive dyeing technology of bedding is not fade, but the market price at around 488 to 560, due to their high cost, this you can't be less than one hundred yuan to buy on the Internet. Less than two hundred RMB, want to buy on the net is more difficult. 4, can't don't always want to buy to shrink the bed is tasted, different fabrics have different shrinkage, cotton cloth, shrinkage is about 3% 5%, so the seller undertakes not to fade yourself to move the brain does not shrink. 5, when silk by ask is for tussah silk or mulberry silk, 100% silk, this concept is fuzzy, don't expect to extremely cheap price to buy hundred of mulberry silk was, if can buy, estimate and scraps, filling the silk also must be done in the hands and feet, the worst is added chemical fiber. 6, about the price, if a set of bed is tasted can you counter-offer from 200 to 100, the advise you still don't buy, instructions, or too many sellers of empty head, or seller may be removed, will not give you 200 good dongdong, will only give you 100. If you bargain requirements met the seller refused to substantially, then you can consider to buy this seller dongdong, you should be readjusted, the appropriate bargain.
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