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by:TONDA     2020-04-03
products, also known as textiles, everyday we often use the quilt cover sheets belong to this category. This has a close contact with the skin of home textile products, the choice of fabric is very important. Below small make up just told you by the following six aspects to identify home textiles fabrics. A, choice of fabric ( 1) High density fabric. High, refers to the yarn count, in general, more than 40 s is the high count yarn; Density of more than 95 root/inch, is the high density. Assessment of bed is tasted the new standard is not density, only the inspection quality (per unit area Weight) Deviation rate. ( 2) Fabric shangdi identification: 110 'of 60 * 40/173 * 120, note: a' refers to the fabric width, 110 inches (110 110×2. 54 = 279. 4cm) , 60 x 40 b refers to the fabric yarn, yarn in the 60 s, 40 s weft yarn. C 173 x 120 refers to the fabric density, the first number refers to the density of 173 root/inch, a second group of digital weft 120 / inch. Second, the fabric has tabby, twill, satin drill (according to the classifications 1) Plain weave characteristics: plain weave is the warp and weft interweave the alternate with on one. Intervals between weft yarn once a root yarn are intertwined, organization point is frequent, closely linked to weft yarn, cloth body strong, fast. ( 2) Satin weave characteristics: satin weave, single point, in the organization by it on both sides of the ( Or weft) Long floating covered, therefore in surface are presented by the organization ( Or weft) For the long term. Therefore, cloth smooth, even, rich luster, texture is soft. Three, fabrics, according to the process points: plain, printing, jacquard, Jacquard, small jacquard, plain, jacquard, yarn-dyed jacquard, multicolor weft jacquard) ( 1) Plain: first after dyed weaving says plain, dyed before weaving yarn dyed. ( 2) Printing, dyeing and printing first called plain coloured printing, color printing is called to print. Gold, weave industry to 'poetry' used printing fabrics, bed is tasted all reactive dye printing technology to environmental protection. ( 3) Jacquard: a, with jacquard woven stretched out the pattern of jacquard. B used to pattern for small jacquard dobby weaving; C two color weft jacquard called two-color jacquard; D more than two color weft jacquard called multi-color jacquard; E first jacquard weaving after coloring said plain jacquard; F dyed before weaving jacquard yarn-dyed jacquard said. Four fabrics, bed is tasted, use: pure cotton or silk for natural fiber cotton cotton or silk cotton fabrics, soft, absorbent strong, not easy to generate static electricity, contact with the skin without any stimulation, no harm to human body, good moisture absorption, breathable, taking performance is good, make people feel comfortable. The biggest drawback is easy to wrinkle. Five, filling material, synthetic fibers, natural fibers, synthetic fiber 1: polyester cotton ( Polyester fiber) , hollow cotton, cotton slip, soft cotton ( Loose cotton) Features: light resistance, abrasion resistance, easy to wash easy to dry, no mildew, not be bug eat by moth, etc. , but the warmth retention property is relatively poor natural fibers. 2, natural fiber, wool, silk, pure cotton wool. Contact with the skin without any stimulation, no harm to human body, hygroscopicity and permeability are very, but easy to wrinkle. Six, fabric quality identification: ( 1) High density mercerized cotton fabric made of high-grade fabric: pure natural fiber, feel plump, crisp, smooth and soft, thick, contact with the skin without any stimulation, hygroscopicity, permeability is good, no static, no harm to human body. Look and feel of high-grade, luxurious, Use of such products to make people feel homespun values) 。 ( 2) Cheap fabric, the poor quality of the fabric feel flabby, rough, hairiness, hard, thin vulgar, contact with the skin has a strange sensation. ( On the market price is relatively low bed is tasted the most feel) 。 ( Use of such products to make people feel lower price) 。 ( 3) Silk cotton fabric is: with high count pure cotton and silk woven natural fiber, soft, plump, smooth, delicate, bright and comfortable, without any contact with the skin stimulation, various performance is better than that of pure cotton. Feel high-grade, elegant, luxurious appearance. Silk cotton fabric occurs, silk have eliminate skin black, natural, make the skin better effect to treat skin disease. Modern medical certificate natural silk SERICIN SERICIN contains the special ingredients, has the protection such as allergies, close skin resistance. Silk is a kind of porous fibers, so warm, dry, permeability is very good.
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