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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
home textiles, some people also called it soft act the role ofing. We now of the road, is now stop textile industry through the development, can be divided into three big fast, it suits for a, industrial textiles is a block, then the rest of the fabrics, are home textiles. Including bedding, towels, carpets, cloth art, outdoor, etc. What is the material in satin drill? Satin fabric, the warp and weft yarn at least every three interlaced only once, and satin weave fabric density higher, so the more thick fabric. Satin weave product higher than similar plain weave, twill weave products with this. The satin weave fabric ZhiZhi collectively known as satin fabric. Satin fabric has the branch is in the back, a complete organization within the loop of interlacing point at least, floating line, longest almost entirely by the warp or weft fabric list to float line structure with satin fabric texture is soft. In a smooth and exquisite, poor luster is the most common type of satin lining cloth striped satin, satin for short. Article 40 branches of 2 meters 4 width satin and 60 with 2 meters width satin in two kinds of material. Weave before dyeing process, this kind of material in the ordinary is pure color. For the stripes. Pure cotton material slightly shrink, not the ball, not easy to rub off. In the cut flower material: material used when weaving fabric organizational change shape failure case, fine yarn count, this material cotton demand is extremely high. The monochrome taimei technology of cut flowers and multicolor cut flowers and difference, monochromatic drop flowers in dyeing material for drop - — The first drop flowers cloth loom weaving good drop into check again after dyeing finishing, material loss in the product is pure color; Multicolor drop flowers in material for yarn-dyed drop - — Yarn dyed first lust after the drop flower loom ZhiZhi and failure, at last check, therefore in yarn-dyed drop flowers is expected to have two or more color, fabric colour abundance poor, not dry, pattern stereo sense is stronger, a higher level. Inside is 2 meters width 5, pure cotton material in a slight shrink, not the ball, don't rub off. Plain weave fabric: use a plain weave ( The warp and weft once every other root is interlaced yarn) Woven fabric is plain fabric. Material characteristics: in the cross point, quality of a material is fast, a blow, exterior level off, is back in the appearance effect because of the same, plain fabric density impossible too high, relatively heavy thin, has good air permeability. Count in the 30 or so, low density is detailed, inside is relatively simple yarn defects, such as jumping as prices are low. But there are a few plain also belong to density in the material, in the high-grade embroidered in ordinary are plain material. Twill: warp and weft at least once every two root yarn to staggered, use add interweaved point, change the fabric structure, collectively known as the twill fabric. There is expected to feature: is in the back, a complete organization cycle staggered points less, float line is longer, feel soft, organization fabric density is higher, the product is thick, stereo sense is stronger. Count has 30, 40 and 60. Twill material classification: 40 in the twill printed material, active in the printing material ( Some merchants called flower satin drill, by giving material of high-grade, but he does not belong to theoretically satin material) , grinding mauri, satin lining cloth, cut flowers and lining cloth, silk cotton flower material, satin drill in printed material, etc.
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