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by:TONDA     2020-04-15
bedding commonly used as fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, yarn-dyed pure cotton, a variety of fabric has its own characteristics, the price is different also, spinning le home textile below small make up a brief introduction of the characteristics of all kinds of fabrics and identification methods. Cotton feel is good, use comfortable, easy dyeing and pattern varieties in rich, soft, warm moisture absorption is strong, washable, with less static, is widely used in home textiles bedding material; But wrinkle easily, easy shrink, flexibility is poor, acid alkali, not unfavorable treatment for a long time under the high temperature above 100 degrees Celsius, so cotton products best spray wet when ironing, is easy to be pressed. Conditional word, after each use ironing with a steam iron products, the effect will be better. A kind of to pure cotton yarn dyed cotton fabrics, is made with different colors of warp and weft. Because the dyed before weaving, dye permeability is strong, yarn-dyed better fastness, and different color yarn fabric stereo sense is strong, unique style, home textile bedding more than in the form of a lattice pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually shrinkage is bigger. High density cotton jacquard fabric warp/weft density particularly big, rich texture changes, so the fabrics feel thick, durable performance is good, cloth finish high, much as light grey flower, very chic, are made of pure cotton fabric in one of the more advanced. Tc brand products usually use ratio of 65% polyester, 35% cotton, polyester-cotton fabric, polyester cotton can be divided into two kinds of plain and twill. Plain weave twill face thin, strength and abrasion resistance are good, little shrinkage, made the product appearance is not easy to go out of form, and the price affordable, durable performance is good, but nice close-fitting sex than cotton. In addition, since the polyester dyeing not easily, polyester-cotton fabric is light, light more, more suitable for use in spring and summer. Twill polyester/cotton is usually bigger than plain weave density, so appear fine shape and thick, surface gloss, feel better than plain. Silk appearance is luxuriant, rich, have natural light and flash effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity is better than cotton, but easy to dirt, poor heat resistance than cotton to strong sunlight. The fiber cross section shows the unique triangular, partial light reflection change after moisture absorption, easy to form water damage and it is difficult to eliminate, so silk fabrics when ironing mat white cloth. Fabric has tabby, twill, satin weave is roughly three. Plain as both the fabric pattern; Twill is different; Satin fabric is smooth and comfortable.
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