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Home textile fabric printing type TongGun printing and printing - method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-16
TongGun printing of home textile fabric printing method, TongGun each cylinder on the printing machine equipped with plasma disc, roller to pulp, starched to and in addition to the yarn shovel knife. When printing, the pulp plate paste by to pulp roll pass to the cylinder. By the starched knife in addition to paste on the surface of the cylinder, cylinder engraving printing ink stored in a mutual extrusion through the cylinder and the pressure on the roller. Paste it was transferred to the fabric, thus completing the process of printing. The advantages of a, TongGun printing 1, decorative pattern is clear. Engraving method is more, for example, can use dry pen, moire _ carving methods of different shades, can make a cylinder printing rich level. Can also be printed pattern fine straight, horizontal line. 2, high labor productivity. Suitable for mass production. 3, the production cost is low. Type of home textile fabric printing method printed version, version printing is to print, Soaked in oil paper) Or chemical, metal editions of carving out hollow-out decorative pattern, home textile fabrics, the tumor with brush dips in besmear on type version, can be on the home textiles fabric pattern. The advantages of type version printing ( 1) carve patterns or designs on woodwork is convenient, flexible application. Applicable to small batch of the production. ( 2) Unlimited pattern size, color, can be printed color model version printing more hit points ( 1) Pattern outline is not clear, owe fine lines. ( 2) Print out straight line patterns in registering, take measures to seal hollow-out the decorative pattern of the ring ( 3) Tinted flowers more difficult ( 4) Low labor productivity,
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