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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
Reactive printing twill cotton 40: is cotton twill fabric manufacturing, now in our country, in the home textiles especially bedding large use is more two or three on the twill manufacturing process, so that spun out of the surface of the fabric is full, easy open width setting in printing and dyeing process, and also is we often say that will not shrink. Cotton twill than plain fabric density is big, consumption of large amount of yarn, wear-resisting degree good, mainly compares tabby, shrinkage control. Reactive dyeing is a dyeing technology, this kind of method of printing and dyeing color is exquisite, color beautiful, won't rub off. This kind of printing and dyeing machine, the hardware environment, such as water quality request is higher, so is not a general small plant can do it. Grinding MAO printing: also is a kind of printing, this kind of fabric in the process of post-processing, grinding wool processing, make the fabric table surface presents a certain sense of velvet, improve the fabric handle. So what is a ground cloth? Grinding hair, also called sanded. Use sand roller ( Or take) Fabric surface grinding out a short and thick layer of wool process, called sanded, also known as MAO. Can make also produce wool yarn, and wool short and thick. Wool surface smooth, feel is plump, soft, full of sense of wool, soft luster, no lights. Wool fabrics soft, thick, heat preservation performance is good, in the cold night in the sleep, no other cotton cold when in contact with human body just. At the same time has the advantages of not ball, do not fade. A set of grinding four MAO is a set of common 4 times the weight of the 2 times. Satin fabric: use a satin weave ZhiZhi, conventional warp/weft density is 173 * 124 cm combing density of the fabric, the quality of a material soft, smooth surface, good elasticity and permeability, was named as 'tribute' tribute to the emperor. The first fabric itself will have to pay a high degree of carmel yarn, the second is the most main mercerizing, dyeing and printing process increases the softness and brightness of the fabric. This kind of fabric is smooth and feels good. Good process. This product is 60. High density jacquard fabric: cotton jacquard bedding according to the differences between Chinese and western culture in professional design style, exquisite products high, feel is smooth, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, elegant and comfortable, wet absorption gas. With wide rapier looms and broadly gripper weaving machine, fine yarn count. Popular speaking, is the pattern directly by loom weaving jacquard fabrics, it through the different organization forms, will be to show different parts of the pattern. Jacquard fabric pattern stereo sense is stronger, pattern layers are abundant. Jacquard fabrics are generally belongs to high density fabrics, feel is soft, soft luster. Satin jacquard: on the basis of satin weave, plus ZhiZhi jacquard techniques, use of two or more different organizations, or cooperate with suitable yarn of different raw materials, the surface effect level and meet the design pattern, its processing technology is first after dyeing, weaving product characteristics on leave out the advantages of satin drill, more levels and changes, colour and texture than pure beautiful satin drill more pleasing to the eye.
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