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by:TONDA     2020-05-07
That should ask whether as a manager or boss, what we do is better than competitors, customers: why do you want to come to our store to buy? Why the second third time also come to our side to buy? Is why customers choose us, we can give the customer a reason to choose us? Today is about home textiles shop services under a link: after-sales service products sold, is just the beginning of the service what are your store service? To see if they offer free shipping, door to door in addition to mites, change service, try the door shop, etc. Service project? Maybe you will say, A: our store is small, we couple, no effort no time; B: is to want to provide services, but the two money, services also need to cost; C: do is done, but didn't stick to it; Do service, do not do, or do the best, such as the door shop, decorate marriage room service: 1, as long as customers have this requirement, no matter how big or small amount; 2, as long as buy wedding products, can provide free marriage room arrangement. On the surface is to reduce service threshold, increase the cost of the store, and is actually able to connect with customers, the opportunity of customer manufacturing requirements, to increase the chances of shop sales. Imagine, wedding products less likely to buy? Bought less can decorate a good-looking? Arranged marriage room of course is the arrangement of the all new bed is tasted, even if early buy fewer, decorate in the late in the process of how sales, I think everybody in the mind have several! These free considerate service can deeply in each customer's heart. With the shop clerk to try the service, led to the staff knew all about household style collocation, and also in later try the door shop services with ease. S relationship with customers is one step closer, the relationship between merchants and customers to friend's relationship with friends. The customer base is your loyal customers. The door shop service of the five skills 1, make household consultants product knowledge training and home style is tie-in, try and take the door shop skills and field practice. 2, understand the customer information in advance, such as household decorates a style, room number, use the crowd and the information age, customers buy past records, amount, etc. , from the previous information, prepare may need product or joint products. 3, try, called the store colleagues in advance, pay attention to telephone, midway may need their help to stock up, and timely delivery. Try to shorten the shop during the waiting time for customers. 4, go to the customer home bring gloves and socks, this not only let customers won't resist you, more make the customer feel you more professional service. 5, chatting with customers from slight care, in addition the appropriate praise customers or home decoration tastes, etc. , chat at the same time also can dig more demand, improve turnover. The door shop service of six major advantages: 1, with many face to face with competition between stores. 2, enhanced the skills of employees to household style collocation, improve conversion rates. 3, according to the actual scene collocation, try to spread the effect will be coordinated; Practical experience the visual effect of products to customers more satisfactory. Shop 4, try to bring the product, in appropriate cases, the customer refused to rarely, make big sales. 5, to reduce the quantity of the return of the goods or lack of exception occurs. 6, a more comprehensive understanding of customer information in detail, the late doing targeted customer relationship maintenance; ( Like a once in a while the door except mites service) 。 7, increase customer loyalty, and basically buy bed is tasted just think of you, will you buy, and also introduced a friend to buy you. See here, you still just look around? Some people already action, can change from now on.
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