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Home textile factory cloth art sofa cleaning tips - teach you Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-04
cloth art sofa is nowadays young people's favourite, it fashionable, affordable, design and color is changeable, conforms to the young people in the pursuit of fashion, but home textiles cloth art sofa, there is a obvious weakness is easy to dirty, dirty cloth art home textile sofa in the sitting room is not only the guest has come to see bad, oneself also can feel affect beautiful, here is a simple introduction how to wash cloth art home textile sofa. First of all to can unpick and wash cloth art sofa should according to different materials when cleaning to clean, lest appear fade, shrinkage, etc; Sponge dab detergent cleaning, strong water absorption function, and can produce static friction, so the sponge is cloth art sofa cleaning a good tool; For special stains of different cleaning fluid may be used for cleaning, so that targeted cleaning can achieve twice the result with half the effort; , not with a lot of water scrubbing, cloth art sofa is not waterproof, a large number of water infiltration into cloth art sofa can result in the mould of sofa, be affected with damp be affected with damp, and the condition of deformation; Take cloth art sofa can use a vacuum cleaner to preliminary clean with a clean brush dipped in a little dilute alcohol sweeping brush again, with dryer for again, in case of fruit juice stains, with a little baking soda and water to make, reoccupy cloth wipe stain, the stain can be cleared. First of all, the flap with dry towel can at ordinary times, vacuum at least once per week. Should pay for the cloth sofa regularly vacuuming, if can best for every week, the armrest of sofa, cushion is easy dirty, should be above the eye on the shop sofa towel or large towel. Sofa armrest, back of a chair and seam also must take into consideration, but when use a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of destruction of textile cloth woven wire cloth and made of fluffy, heavy more immune to the suction to suck, a move that could lead to knit line was broke, not thinking with a small vacuum cleaner to clean. In addition, home textile might as well the wear-resisting degree of sofa leather sofa, the best from the old in the same position. If found loose thread, can not break it with the hand, used scissors neatly cut flat. If removable pads, it is better to turn every week, make wear evenly spread. Second, clean with clean agent sofa once a year, but later must thoroughly washed clean agent, or infected with dirt more easily. Had better choose special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent. Sheath of home textile sofa generally can be clean. The elastic sleeve is in the home washing machine to clean, very large cotton or linen sheath can get laundry services. When ironing sheath, should pay attention to some elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, even to iron to ponder on the surface of the fabric, thus suitable for the iron sheathed inside, cotton sheath should be ironed.
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