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by:TONDA     2020-04-19
Has been cut, cut out the shape of life; Have been sewing, but sewing is not good life line; Beauty has been embroidered embroidered, but not their own splendid life; Has long been reasonable line, but Richard is not clear the vicissitudes of life /; Has long been in the documentary, but always can't keep up with that at the beginning of a dream. 。 。 We can only choose to confusion? No! We need to struggle! ▼ using nailing good goal in life with scissors to cut off the shackles and troubles with the nose through forward tunnel with kao machine kao the scenery along the way with embroidery machine embroidery love totem with batching machine roll out the perfect life. 。 。 In the hustle and bustle of home textile city, have so a group of people for production and production busy all day. We every household close-fitting bed is tasted, mostly from their hands. Do you know how much they pay? In the taste maybe they just know yourself! If your friend work in a textile factory you found these guys do not take the initiative to contact you all the time, sometimes may not answer your phone or WeChat back immediately, please be calm! Not because they really, maybe they are in order to delivery day and night to work overtime, maybe they'll thread breaks is opposite the window staring blankly. Beautiful youth, has been ground net in room full of noise of the machine. Day after day, often in friendship, but the enemy but the dull! If your husband is in home textiles factory work, don't miss another temper! He may have been less love the gentle, also disappear when you chase the generous lofty sentiments. Please don't blame him, not to take him to go to with somebody, he still love you, just because too much reality is helpless. 。 。 If your wife to work in the home textile factory, please don't blame her angry, tired of woman would be upset, angry with you that you are the most can rely on her man. One thousand if she cry, you can pretend not to see, wash bowl, actively help to knead a feet, if the old driver, comes with a hug. 。 。 Seriously, love the people around you with well, whether it's your husband, wife or other relatives and friends, because they are family dream weaver! They have a common name: home ~ spinning ~!
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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