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Home textile factory reception timing analysis and grasp - sales of new customers Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-03
A, straight to the target products are usually there are two kinds of the customers most likely: one is attracted by displaying products, so customers into the store and then show interest in this product is highly, and eager to guide and communicate on the products, then we can directly forward reception customer, follow the customer points of interest make identification, near the opening time and language is the best! 2 it is the customer has decided to in the heart, may have to the store to see more than once before the same or similar products, so don't move fast not slow the philosophy, from the movement and the expression is not easy to observe apparent buying mood, so customers generally belongs to the type of rational consumers, are likely to have collected a lot of product information in advance. Although at this moment he has show a complete purchase desire, however don't happy too early, because under this condition customers at the same time testing the products of our professional knowledge, and sales service skills even for the price objection handling ability, on these points if you gave him apart from other brands of satisfaction! If the answer is YES, then the results are coming! Template: 'excuse me is there to see you before our group suite? '' that's very kind of you eye, this group of suite is really very good! 'Two, touch the product price tag that consumers are generally belong to have demand but not the decision, is also for the brand, quality and after-sale, selling point is back and forth between people, there is no see completely crush products! Like just on RanQiJu kettle is heating, but haven't reached the boiling point, there is a hope of clinch a deal, but still need to heating kung fu finally to let the water boil! Guide so as home textiles, our duty is to constantly strengthen his purchase desire, and finally achieve sales. Because only positive grasp every possible chance to clinch a deal the, is we should have some attitude and spirit, and only positive grasp every possible chance to clinch a deal the, to exercise out a true guide terminal professional! Template: 'excuse me what material do you prefer products? '' this is a set of packages. 。 。 。 。 。 ”( Directly into the product introduction) Three, had been watching the same goods or similar goods in the consumption process of the customer, the customer has been converted from 'interest' to 'lenovo' stage, start thinking in mind, this design and color is not suitable for the master bedroom? This style is too fashion? This color is too dry? With before bed is tasted what different and the difference? Such bed is tasted operator does not meet my needs? Began to form in the customer's mind needs and don't need, suitable for and not suitable for thinking! By this time also is the key that we cut, because just by the active thinking of the customer, will make us very passive, because we never know, it is hard to guess what customers think is actively purchase side there are still some negative concerns! So this time can have a good, direct introduction is crucial, close to customers quickly cut into the topic and ask, take the initiative to collect customer demand, and break the customer's doubts, and even began to consciously guide the customer needs to the products suitable for him to communicate, and take the initiative to grasp the rhythm of the sales process, or it will all be easily lost a chance to clinch a deal. Template: 'you want to know what kind of information, I'll make an introduction for you! '' would you like for my own use or. 。 。 。 。 。 吗? 'Four, see after the product sales staff of this action is very direct said customers have questions to ask, for the product does not understand, for the price, or there is some special requirements to be met, for example, custom-made, bed flag, shipping and so on, so the shoppers to fast approaching, now close to does not need too complicated, as long as to pay attention to eyes, friendly tone to say' hello! 'Cut straight communication, general customers will directly to your needs or confused at this time, guide, of course, at that time the most taboo is also a far of looking at the customer has not made any response, it would be kind of a thing in the middle of the sales. If by this time on the reception of the customer, best can smile apologetically 15 degrees of the bow, to the customer first to say sorry 'sorry, you wait for me a little, I will be back soon, thank you! Do reception ', and then quickly in the past, to do the customer's problem simple processing and then invite customers do simple waiting. Template: 'really sorry, you wait for me a little, I'll come and help you to do a more complete explanation, thank you! 'Then took will settle on both sides of the customer, do not attend, hurry-scurry, because that is not the embodiment of the professional!
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