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Home textile factory teaches you several common summer cool - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-28
Day day by day geothermal, warm for the winter was obviously has some thick, you need to be more comfortable, breathable quilt. Summer cool is with its light and comfortable, good air permeability, water permeability good features, no doubt become a summer care for you and your family a good choice of the body. Summer cool is, its permeability is good, good water permeability, is generally not set of quilt, wash directly. There were many fillers, such as natural ecological fibers, feather silk, silk. From the species often have Han Xiang silk summer cool, printed summer cool, summer cool is embroidered, jacquard summer cool, grinding Mao Xia cool is, 10 hole silk summer cool is, silk by these. Teaches you several common summer cool is: 1. Traditional summer cool by most traditional summer cool when they are away for four hole stability, seven more silk, chemical fiber materials such as fluffy because exterior, so easy to create the illusion of warm, but actually cannot absorb luca brasi air so can't for body heat storage. So for habits at night to sleep with the air conditioning or electric fan open. Traditional summer is the least healthy choice, is the biggest characteristic in the summer of the cheap price is traditional. 2. Towelling coverlet towelling coverlet almost yes good air permeability, thin cotton material, absorb sweat, soft tactility fits very afraid of hot people, the price is cheaper. 3. Thin thin cotton blanket cotton blanket are common in Europe is specially for likes to stay in air conditioning room to use in the summer. Work are the same as the blanket, so excellent warmth retention property with blankets and blankets of permeability is, the price is not expensive. 4. Duck down thin thin by new type of duck down is a good air permeability, for the hot summer climate and the south of the humidity is big, is especially suitable for. Good mattresses, excess water vapor can absorb the human body, and the water vapor into the air, keep the duck down comfortable state. The quilt vapour pressure will not be flat, of course the price also does not poor. 。 5. Silk contribute to be thin silk is especially suitable for the summer to stay for a long time in air conditioning room and like to kick a quilt in the middle of the crowd. Light, warm and comfortable skin touch, is why many people like silk was. In general, the price is moderate.
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