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by:TONDA     2020-04-29
The safety of home textile products has close ties with our healthy life. Now in the market of home textile products, wide variety, how to choose and buy high quality home textile products, let's go and see. Inferior to actuality, home textile products are fatal point component content discrepancy or not content many quilts that bore with four holes, seven, nine fiber as the filling material, the actual use of mostly single span and ordinary fiber, even some use only single span and ordinary fiber. Formaldehyde as reaction of formaldehyde agent widely used in various kinds of textile finishing agents, such as resin finishing agent, fixing agent, softening agent and so on. After the finishing agent processing will more or less residual formaldehyde of textiles, once these free formaldehyde released and reaches a certain value, will cause a harm to human body. Part of the product water rate and the color fastness is unqualified. The choose and buy home textile fabrics of the 'three' look of choose and buy should first check the quality of the fabric, home textile products the quality of the fabric firstly lies in its yarn thickness and density. Because the higher the density of the required quality of cotton, the better, feel more soft, more luster, and its production process requirement is higher, so whether pure cotton or polyester/cotton, the higher the density of the fabric quality, the better. Second, the quality lies in the dyeing and printing fabric. The products with good quality, better designs printing and dyeing, without off color, the dirt, decoloring phenomenon. See filler filler is the home textile product of health care and warmth retention property and air permeability and durability is important one annulus. Such as wool, feather and cotton, without impurities, no peculiar smell; The false and inferior product USES is mixed with crushed the inferior chemical fiber, mixed or use general acrylic cotton, feel is not smooth, this product is not soft, volume difference and poor permeability. See processing normal manufacturer craft exquisite workmanship, level off, without the eye of a needle, flat seam split stitch is in commonly 10 ~ 12 needle / 3 cm. Pay attention to the integrity, consistency, patterns, such as the right and left sides of the sewing pattern is symmetrical, face, lining pattern no upside down, with stripes and checks to symmetry, lattice.
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