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by:TONDA     2020-04-29
Home textile products display is the first impression to consumers, the display is beautiful or not affects the home textile shop sales. As a brand, its franchisees, more need to display to highlight the characteristics of its own brand and positioning, make full use of the terminal space, show the perfect display effect, boost sales. So how to in limited space, the product the best display effect is displayed? From the perspective of enterprise cost control, product display should be as little as possible, but the product cannot meet the demand of customers. Therefore, under the condition of the design is not to increase, can add some for home textile products can match the new elements, create a diverse styles of illusion. Add some in home textile products display design exquisite home textile accessories do match, can have the effect of four two dial one thousand jins, which requires the guide in home textile merchandiser to have high presentation skills. Many home textile enterprises will provide manuals and advice are exhibited, which to a certain extent, help a lot of early into the home textile franchisees get started. If, however, stiffly in accordance with the standards of this template, sometimes also is wasted effort. Terminal should be combined with local real market situation to adjust based on display template, you can through the pillow, back cushion in different combinations, form more diverse style, drive the other products sales. 4 times to purchase ordinary consumers, for example, next to the 4 times put on a pair of pillow, make consumers complete purchase. Stores can be high sales of goods products, profits, manifests the brand, quality goods, to make the visual display of the pyramid, in general, the high sales of popular 4 times of stores is generally not more than 60% of the total commodity, drive the basic sentiment, is used to maintain the store daily operation cost; Embodiment design features the profits of the goods is a brand style, consumer demand, shop can become the main source of profit, generally accounts for 30% of the total commodity - 50%; Products refers to the conceptualization, image with clear brand characteristics, high price of the home textile product, the product must be configured in the shop, but generally not more than 5% of the total. Store need some props to display their products conform to the product style features, in the case of can't change the product combination, the same goods, through the change of the display, can improve performance. Light Settings for home textile shop have a vital role, different colors of bedding in different light, can produce different visual effects, such as light color bed is tasted, can use a warm light to illuminate, as far as possible and can cooperate with ornamental design to foil the effect of romantic and warm, so that you can fully arouse consumers mutiple level sensory experience, form a very good first impression. Finally it is important to store layout must stay often new often change, on average every two returning just planning the layout of home textile products. If the store for a long time have no new products, home textile assistants to more need to frequently change the pattern of in-store display. For customers, as long as it is the first time to see is the new product, so you need to 'renovation' samples will from time to time.
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