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Home textile factory tell you home textile fabrics purchasing - essential knowledge Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Home textile fabric products with woven cloth is given priority to, and woven cloth in the dye printing production and processing, if quality control is lax, very prone to printing and dyeing defects, and as a co as material procurement and documentary or brand companies, whether grasp of dyeing defects knowledge, by its is the reason for the formation of defects, completes the labor of duty is the basic premise. Also, as a printing and dyeing company, only for each procedure, may appear the quality problem of the digging, can work out high qualified rate of the finished fabric. Dyeing quality problem happened almost every day, even if a management good dye house is no exception. Because the printing factory is a production, small batch and many varieties fabric source is very complex, and dyestuff, water, electricity, steam supply, technology, equipment and operation, and many other factors, and the final customer demand for quality also each are not identical, the influencing factors on the quality of the products is too much, also hard to avoid problems, the key is to deal with timely and properly, the fine management. The following mainly introduces 5 kinds of printing and dyeing of common defects, everyone is serious enough to make the fabric value depreciation or destroyed, just confirmed 'the quality is small. 1 oil droplets specking ( 《GasolineSpot》) U u u u u appearance: tend to occur in the E/R blended fabric, dyeing and spots of oil droplets, the normal parts a bit deep color. With a magnifying glass to observe, in the fabric color of wool cloth with soft nap, cutting-edge present small bead, and a normal part of plush. Cause: this is due to uneven singeing, specking color spot, plush failed to fully burning, in cutting-edge combines, strong color, so the dyeing is thicker. ( Singeing uneven) 2 mans ( 《模糊,午睡》) U u u u u appearance: after dyeing finishing of fabric, cloth will still be fine wool cloth with soft nap, and color of fabric. Causes: 1) 。 Singeing enough, hairiness of the cloth will not burn completely. 2) 。 When using the liquid flow dyeing machine, nozzle jet is too strong. ( The inadequate singeing) 3 refined spot ( 《精练点》) U u u u u appearance: in the refining process, the scouring off the fabric of the china-africa fiber material with scouring agent, drop down again with a fabric of wool cloth with soft nap, and adhesion on the fabric surface. See it on the cloth has the yellow stain of irregular sheets, to blow gently, nail has short plush and debris falling. Causes: 1) 。 The scouring agent interesting easy to condense. 2) 。 Use scouring scouring kettle, water enough, or water temperature is low. 3) 。 In continuous refining, refining indoor product have sediment, or refined medicine too much foam and groove rolling roller surface is not clean. ( The condensed scouring agent) Practice drift hole (4 《白洞》) U u u u u appearance: grey fabric is normal, after oxidation of hydrogen bleaching cloth has a phase to warp or weft fracture of the formation of small holes. Causes: with rust on the cloth, or bleach bath water containing iron, in the process of cloth bleaching, and hydrogen peroxide oxidation sharply and make the yarn faults. ( The rust oxide) 5 color flower ( 《Skilteriness》) ★★★★
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