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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
If you don't have time to go to the gym to distressing, because you can't insist on and make their own fitness plan always can't finish? On the market of fitness equipment is multifarious, have you tried, but tends to put aside after go home, is a waste of money and covers an area of. Fitness, in fact, as long as you can easily get a towel. In the previous article, the small make up a simple said the towels in the spinning le home textiles hold, today is to carefully explain how to use towel to fitness? And the matters needing attention do towel fuck! Use dry towel to rub the skin, can promote the blood circulation, promote metabolism, to prevent surface appears 'cellulite'; Friction can expand capillaries, the blood to the body endings, help improve body cold phenomenon; Friction can stimulate adjust autonomic nervous function, strengthen the intestinal digestion and absorption ability, promote intestinal peristalsis, can also help in eliminating constipation; As blood circulation improvement, adjust autonomic nervous function, to improve the quality of sleep. This easy exercise, especially suitable for the elderly in physical touch, specific methods are as follows. Tools: a piece of about 1 meter square soft towel. Usage: directly with its body can knead it, and efforts to grasp, with skin redness, not painful advisable. The elderly due to weak degree of resistance to stimulate the skin, can also be separated by thin unlined upper garment to knead, effect. Rubbing parts: 1, the chest. By close to the heart of the chest area, along the collar bone and outgoing rubbing on both left and right from within 5 ~ 10 times. 2, the abdomen. With navel as the center, clockwise rubbing 5 ~ 10 times, can mildly stimulate the abdominal viscera, the promotion of basic metabolism, eliminate constipation. 3, backbone. Similar to a shower back rubs, up and down, left and right sides kneading 5 ~ 10 times each, can stimulate the shoulder blade and neck, help improve body cold and eliminate fat. 4, arm. From the wrist to the elbow direction knead 5 ~ 10 times, the elderly arm back the proud flesh, muscle recession, can rub a few times more. 5, the thigh. Bottom from hip to knee medial direction knead 5 ~ 10 times, can prevent cellulite. 6, soles of the feet. Hold on both ends of the towel, moderately hard and knead arch 5 ~ 10 times, there is yongquan point, stimulate it will help eliminate fatigue, edema, chills and other symptoms. Simple 'dry towel exercise' can let you easily have health. What should eat after exercise movement after the nutritional supplement for those who are really engaged in physical exercise is particularly important. Reasonable diet can enhance exercise effect, while a wrong recipe will weaken and reduce the effect of exercise. Russia 'Ladyspecial' site is 'what should eat after exercise,' the reasonable Suggestions are presented. 1, if you want to exercise out into pieces of muscle, then the milk is the absolute taboo. Because of certain substances contained in milk will damage the formation of massive muscles in a flash. 2, if too much body fat content, so after exercise need to eat a pure protein food. 3, exercise before 3 hours don't overeat, in order to 'play' easily. As an energy source, containing a large number of carbohydrate food should eat after exercise, to improve the level of insulin in the body. Hormones can retain beneficial substances to the body. If not reached the level of the body need insulin, so destructive breakdown after exercise metabolic process will begin. Necessary carbohydrates including honey, noodles and banana, oatmeal, bran bread and fresh juice. 4, advice immediately after exercise drink contains proteins, or containing branched chain amino protein drink yogurt. This will make muscle tissue 2 times to improve the efficiency of protein synthesis. The composition of protein affect the secretion of amino acids and the recovery of muscle. 5, within 2 hours after exercise not to eat any food or drinks containing caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and coffee. Or caffeine will hinder the insulin in the liver and muscle glycogen processing. If the exercise time in the evening, then 2 hour before exercise shouldn't eat anything.
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