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by:TONDA     2020-04-29
Ancient China as silk and cotton, believe that every Chinese people is no stranger to silk and cotton. The so-called silk is we keep growing tracks spinning textile products. Cotton is cotton plants after woven into textiles, well-known is the xinjiang cotton cotton base. What close fabric textile out more healthy for the body? A, silk and cotton, which the body is better? Through the ages silk, with its unique charm, get the favour of people, from the perspective of the health care function has the following several aspects: 1, anti-ultraviolet function is usually silk after certain sunlight surface yellowing phenomenon happens, of tryptophan, in silk protein tyrosine absorbed the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, breaking in fiber molecular chain, plays a role of connecting peptide kin, popped open, first in photosynthesis, produce chemical reaction phenomenon; Medical common sense tells us that too much ultraviolet light skin is extremely harmful to human body, therefore, to take advantage of silk protein ultraviolet absorbent, can achieve the goal of uv protection, dressed in silk garments and cosmetics made of silk, the whitening sunscreen, eliminate the function of the skin pigment. It is no wonder that, women in the Middle East, cover your face with a silk chiffon, silk dress, so can effectively prevent dry weather and strong sunlight. 2, beautiful skin, healing skin silk of all the fiber and disease prevention function, is the lowest friction coefficient and the human body, and the silk of lysine, can accelerate the metabolism of cells, protect skin surface lipid membrane, have a delicate massage effect to the skin, keep skin moist and smooth, threonine, can improve blood circulation, soften blood vessels, enhance the vitality of skin cell, prevent skin aging, contribute to the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and varicose veins; Silk also contains 30% of alanine, made from silk food, can increase the liver function, promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells; Made from fibroin toothpaste, also has antibacterial antiphlogistic, hemostatic function of analgesia, clinical medicine, confirmed that silk garment has auxiliary therapeutic effect to the skin, can also speed up the operation and bedsore wound healing. 3, moisture absorption and ventilation effect of silk protein fiber enriched in many hydrophilic gene, so the moisture regain of silk as high as 11% ( Cotton 7 - 8%) , silk fiber has more than 38% of the gap, can adsorption gas and water molecules, and due to its porosity, easy water molecular diffusion, so it can absorb the moisture in the air, and maintain a certain moisture, under the normal gas, it can help skin retain moisture, do not make the skin too dry. Wear in the summer, but also will flush out the sweat and quickly send out quantity of heat, reduce the breeding microorganism on the skin, very health, make the person feels cool and clinking. It is because of this kind of performance, to make silk fabric is more suitable for direct contact with human skin, so people are silk fabrics clothing as one of the essential summer wear. 4, keep warm and antistatic effect silk not only has good heat resistance, and good warmth retention property. Its warmth retention property due to its porous fiber structure. In a piece of silk fiber has many tiny fibers, and these tiny fiber is made up of more fine fiber, so seemingly solid silk, in fact, more than 38% is hollow, these gaps exist in the first lot of air, the air prevents loss of heat, make silk fiber thermal denaturation of small, belongs to the flame retardant fiber, close close fiber thermal alteration degree 4 - than silk Five times, so compared with the chemical fiber, silk has good static and warmth retention property. Based on the above reasons, in cold and dry winter wear silk, will not bring any electrostatic attraction because of friction to skin tingling, so made of silk clothing, is warm in winter and cool in summer. Above all, silk is pollution ecology of natural fiber, fiber, health and care, known as the second skin, fiber queen's reputation, health care function is any fiber cannot be compared, can't replace. 1, improve human immunity, soften blood vessels, both the arthritis rheumatism has certain preventive health care function.
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