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by:TONDA     2020-04-30
In 5000 China is an ancient culture and a lot of traditional customs, marriage is a by the Chinese as particularly important, even a celebration of life, there are some custom is natural need to adhere to, can say without these customs, is to do the card, also is not married. In silk is rich in jiangnan, you have such a tradition, the married girl, should prepare a few silk by bed, and in accordance with the degree of importance to decided to send a few bed. So, silk by what is the point? Identity showily silk was used by the royal family in thousands of years ago, and silk a born beauty, has always been synonymous with noble gorgeous, silk by a bed is enough to show family for her daughter. Compartments stay long silk deep implication, silk is the longest in the natural fiber, meaning long, button 'hangs' moral together; Husband and wife for life long to be together, is a mother to daughter, best wishes. Rich don't worry for daily necessities. 'Silkworm' and 'bound' sounds similar to 'wrap' reminiscent of the rich, rich auspicious words; Parents hope their children have a happy after married. Health good sleep after a family pressure increases gradually, silk by unique factors of sleep, have a very good auxiliary effect on improving sleep, and silkworm is pure natural, does not contain any harmful substances, healthier. So if you have a daughter to get married, can want to prepare a decent bit of silk by two beds; Daughter, after all, is a lifetime of happiness
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