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by:TONDA     2020-04-29
Home textile products and our life is closely linked, but face a lot of home textile buy store introduction of high density, forty yarn, and craft has the proper nouns such as antibiotic treatment, the consumers do not know their meaning. Here home textile products from the fabric, craft, fillers, such as health care, household environment with multiple point of view to share with you some of the common sense of choose and buy, home textile products allows you to easily choose and buy to the satisfaction of the bed is tasted. Yarn thickness density decided fabrics spins things good or bad one, from the perspective of the quality of product, generally consider fabric, processing technology, core product packing case must also be considered. 1, fabrics. The stand or fall of fabric yarn thickness and density of decision. The higher the average density of fabric quality, the better. See the fabric quality can also be judging from printing and dyeing process. 2, filler. Filling material can be from warmth retention property and air permeability and durability assessment. Such as home textile fleece hygroscopicity warmth retention property good, suitable for the elderly; Put wet sex in home textile duvet soft, moisture absorption; Home textile cotton by close skin, warmth retention property good permeability, light textile silk by soft slippery, warm personal, good hygroscopicity. 3, processing technology, craft exquisite workmanship, level off, without needle is preferred. Second, from the perspective of health care, the body during sleep can get sufficient rest, largely depends on bedding. Home textile advocates healthy sleep, developed a series of functional products have certain health care function. Such as home textile is added to the aloe fiber, has the effect such as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial except khan beauty; Home textiles of semen cassiae pillow, health care technology memory pillow adopts international advanced physical anti mite fabrics, the unique space memory cotton, zero pressure sleep, care more easily. Series of home textile fenner, bed is tasted, can play effective antibacterial bacteriostasis, especially suitable for naked sleep. Third, from the perspective of household environment collocation, home textile thinks, home textile products buy consider household decorates a style to choose, want to consider to decorate the whole style and the particularity of room function of coordination, such as children room, bed is tasted requirement and different marriage room. General different fabrics can produce different effects. Precision and warm cotton and linen cloth, calico plain natural, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn. Rough texture feeling of warm, smooth texture feeling of cool and refreshing. Fabrics of different visual effect, create the atmosphere of each different, when decorating, can choose according to your pursuit and appeal. At the same time to choose to the satisfaction of the bed is tasted, home textile manufacturer experts point out that the necessary technical parameters, consumers should know.
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