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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
Joining do home textile brand agent is now a shortcut of social people investment, entrepreneurship in a fixed mode, not only has the full support of company headquarters, has its own brand culture deep infection, and unnecessary investment risk, is a good business. But in the multifarious to join the market, investors must polish my eyes, can't because of a little temptation and regret lifelong, home textile brands spinning, around you faithfully, the companion of wisdom, to teach you how to choose to suit oneself home textile brands. Understand the market first to make a comprehensive survey on the market, choose the most potential market brand agent. According to the characteristics of the agent you want region first decide what are you going to the agent's brand, including prosperous degree, people's income level, level of education, acceptance of fashion, and so on. Then are sure you want to sell men's, women's or children's clothing ( Now on the market of women's clothing brand, large selection of goods, the market potential of consumption is bigger also, so most people will choose to dress) ; What is your target consumer age period of women ( 30 to 40 years old female consumption ability is stronger, so many big brands will target women at this age) ; Roughly how much is the price you can accept, and so on. These problems should be considered in the beginning you have to consider very important and it is an essential part of, because this will directly affect whether you can benefit in the agent distribution. Both for the culture of different brand bedding characteristics to deeply understand, explore serious study you are going to the agent of the brand, including its color, fabric, design, plate type and characteristics. Its material is imported or domestic, whether to have characteristic, will affect the popularity in the market. And whether the style is distinctive, whether in the market to sell, you need to franchisees have a brain keen market sense of touch. There is also a overlooked place is a home textiles board type, it decides the size of home textile everywhere ratio. Outside one inch sleeve on the shoulder, or to within one inch will directly affect the overall effect of the home textile, and often can decide a brand. The agent shall be guaranteed by brand has a good plate shape. In addition, still need to pay attention to the regional differences into consideration. If you want to put the home textiles in the northern sales, that home textile board type size must be larger, on the other hand, if you want to sell in the south, the size of the board should be small. Because the northerners form a southerner tall, otherwise, good home textile for they have no desire to consume - look to wear. Moreover, the weather is also a factor to consider. The cold northern winter, they will need some thick and warm clothes, such as leather jacket, etc. The south in the winter and cooling is not big, they as long as some thin sweater at best. In addition, for the northern region, to pay attention to winter, the south to pay attention to summer. If the brand of home textile feature lies in the summer, so it is suitable for sale in the south, on the other hand if the winter is key, then it is suitable for sales in the north. If not, will directly affect the sales of home textile. Also, comparable to the brand, is what you are going to face the competition brands, all need your carefully analyzed. To consider itself with the proxy brand requirements whether conform to understand the brand specific requirements to the agent. Many brands out of respect for its image, will require the agent set in the busy streets of the particular stores or counters, and often stipulated directly by the company in charge of store image decorate a design, or design the agent is responsible for the decoration. In addition, there is also the question of exchange rate. Usually, the agent if the exchange rate to zero, home textile company agent would give a larger discount, otherwise, will be less. In addition, there are joining gold or margin. This often and the popularity of the brand has a lot to do, is a guarantee of brand image, so different brands have different requirements. Want to personally inspect the strength of the company's headquarters on home textile company's support for the agent is also very important. Especially when you decide agent is a new brand, you how many of the sales promotion with home textile company is closely related to the success of the. Second, to ensure that the textile company is a stable delivery rate for you. In addition, to understand the textile company will have a few quarters of promotional meeting every year. Clear these also to deepen your understanding of home textile company's strength.
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