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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
Developed unceasingly along with the social economy, people's thought idea also in slowly change, self-employment has become one of the most common means of making a living to make money, work, work already can't satisfy people's consumption demand, so open a shop proprietary has become the inevitable product of the era. Under the impetus of the era, home textile to join in, Or home textiles stores) Gradually in the emergence of a large number of each city. As many home textile entrepreneurs interested in her, home textile, very want to do but to join home textile brand chain which prepare to do? Brand, spinning, here for your account. 1, how to choose a brand of home textile products, first of all, you have to know that you need to do a class of business customers, they are usually how much can buy home textiles products, determine the price of the products after also need to know the price of how much consumers, can bring you how many sales and profits. Like are you sure you want to do, that is about to understand your customers like what kind of product, you can make a simple questionnaire survey 6 pictures, print wupan, through friends, relatives and classmates etc targeted investigation confirmed the feasibility of the business you have to do. This can minimize your investment risk. Estimate is five hundred yuan plus part of the time, you can determine this shop do you want, you can earn money after opened. Set up shop for the first time had better look for two partners to reduce investment risk, such as his success after have enough experience to open a shop alone, reduce the contradiction of partnerships. Home visits stores generally higher sale price, the quality is good, traffic is not a lot, so choose to store more downtown traffic. 2, how to choose appropriate home textile franchise brand we usually buy home textile products is used to look at the color design, then the price, material, processing technology, packaging, so you also need to choose the product, brand, after again choose the company's service, the products all sales relatively develop. So-called home textile home use textile, at present China has yet to companies and stores all of the home textile products, with complete choose brand as far as possible choose products, bedding and curtains at least to form a complete set, brand in local awareness is higher, the price can satisfy you set by consumers. brands napa stores usually have quite a part of the experience for reference, and have a model shop, to join the best in the same area was comparable store observation before two days, pick a day, Monday to Thursday, Friday and Sunday to choose a day, a greater difference between the two times sales. Can also go to the store directly to the owner the interface. After 3, set up shop to do home textile products is essential, but is not consumable, generally have won't buy, is only likely to buy products really attracted him, so outside the brand to provide product to look for some cheap and everyone needs to product. Tend to high profit, low price products can attract consumers, and to ensure that store daily cost. Open a shop first to make sure that can't lose money, then you will have in your shop to buy you something. That is low price can need not consider will buy the necessities, such as the Japanese called receive a function of various Zang bag, with zero head cloth can be processed into various put sundry bag, can put the socks. Shorts. Bra, CARDS, etc. , the car put the umbrella pockets, all kinds of MATS, cover, and various crafts, home textile Japanese magazines have a special on such products need not own development. There are as many as hundreds of such goods, and cost may be in one yuan or so, the price can be up to five yuan, guests usually buy a few. Japan's muji, appropriate, ikea is in general as the main sales approach, and attract customers as the main profit model. If you are in more than 20 brands of napa stores that can ask brands focus to provide, so can reduce the openings of the purchasing cost. Japanese muji, appropriate, ikea, etc. All are in general as the main sales approach, general guests into the home textile shop usually have to buy intention, desire for little thing will increase purchase big-ticket items. In order to maintain the customer's shopping desire to increase the impression of self give birth to, we can print a few ads to them, don't print advertising is too big, too much is not put may lost out, in addition to the main products are advertising products to introduce some necessities of life. As far as I know take the back 5% - advertising About 8%. Surveys do a statistics to the sales, price, color, product design, fabrics do separately, with the data you know sales direction, know what into money, increase is based on your marketing, sales management level improved gradually accumulated. Sample out, want to rely on the actual effect, the bedroom light is downy, curtains and bright point, product color design is coordinated put together, put the goods size inches to consider. Promising home textile industry development. First of all, with residential, hotel, travel and transportation, such as medical and health care investment and public service consumption hot spots, will become the factors that promote the growing market of China home textile, Olympic economy and the Shanghai world expo provides a new opportunity for development of textile industry. Second, to promote the quality of life of the Chinese demand for home textile product expands unceasingly; Finally, the current China every year, nearly 10 million couples married, home textile product consumption because of the marriage will be very considerable. In the next few years, China's home textile market is expected to be a net increase of 200 billion - 300 billion yuan market. As a key development of the textile industry textile industry, one of the three major parts of face, is quietly changing people's life and the pattern of the market.
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