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by:TONDA     2020-04-16
At present, the production meet the requirements of the ecological environmental protection home textile fabric has become the home textile products manufacturers product development important direction. 'Green dyeing and finishing' the key is to use the safety of the dyestuff, and product environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction in dyeing and finishing process has a new cognition. At present, the green processing technology has permeability to home textiles fabrics such as pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing process. Before handling the green machining technology, cold pad-batch pretreatment technology before treatment by cold pad-batch technology, on the one hand greatly shortened pretreatment process, on the other hand can reduce the investment of related equipment, and can effectively overcome the traditional home textiles fabrics pretreatment process tends to wrinkle, edge, bruises, skew and other defects. The process of sewage quantity compared with traditional pretreatment process reduced the two-thirds, and can save a third of the energy consumption and time. Enzyme pretreatment processing technology with biological pretreatment instead of caustic soda, can greatly reduce the COD value of effluent. Application of enzymes in the textile fabrics pretreatment including enzyme desizing enzyme scouring and etc. Ultrasonic pretreatment processing technology of ultrasonic application in desizing, scouring and bleaching pretreatment process, can get rid of all kinds of impurities of home textile fabrics, improve processing efficiency. Dyeing process of green machining technology of environmental protection dye using natural dyes is mainly derived from plants which fruit and roots, and some from animal or mineral, etc. With natural dyes development some home textile fabrics, with high added value is the important way of promotion of home textiles green machining. Leon high EarthColors ( The earth color) Natural dyes environmental reactive dyes can be used in the dyeing of cellulose fibre textile fabric processing, to replace the reduction, direct, sulfide and insoluble azo etc. The environmental protection dye. Another can use reactive dyes dyeing processing of wet short steaming process, the cellulose fiber or polyester blended after home textile fabric pad dye into the roasting in the oven, under certain temperature and humidity after rapid fixation through water washing can be dyed products. Environmental protection dyeing technology of supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing: have good dissolving ability to disperse dye, can improve the terylene class of home textile fabrics dyeing rate, dye penetration and leveling effect is good, and dyeing process short, achieve no water dyeing, reduce the pollution of the environment. : (low temperature dyeing technology 1) Reactive dye cold pad-batch dyeing, processing technology and equipment is simple, low cost, less energy consumption, leveling and good reproducibility, high fixation rate. ( 2) Disperse dye auxiliaries solubilization dyeing, the use of phospholipids and other additives can be dyed on hydrophilic of wool and silk fiber raw materials, thus can choose alternative disabled disperse dye acid dyes to dye polyester, wool, silk and their blends of home textile fabrics, not only can shorten the dyeing process, lower dyeing temperature, speed up the dyeing rate, but also improve leveling penetration of this kind of home textile fabric dyeing effect. Gas phase or sublimation dyeing: use the sublimation of dye required with strong sex, as some of the nonionic disperse dye or easy sublimation pigments can meet the production requirements. Because the don't need to water as dyeing medium will not produce sewage, is conducive to environmental protection. Far-infrared microwave dyeing: microwave heating has a good penetrability, no heat transfer process, such as polyester, polyester/cotton, polyester and acrylic as raw materials of home textile fabrics can be itself after absorbing microwave heating. Compared with the traditional dyeing processing, far-infrared microwave dyeing can effectively shorten dyeing time, dyeing rate, reduce energy consumption significantly.
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