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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
As a big textile country, our country textile product exports not only big in our country, the sale in domestic market is also increasing. As the consumer market has become increasingly mature, people demand for home textile product and dosage in ascension. Therefore, these five years, home textile brands is growing rapidly, all kinds of home textile industry websites are many, each home textile brands join ads. But in the fierce market competition, also has a lot of home textile factory collapse, many are still in the dying, on the verge of bankruptcy. That how to from the rest of the home textile enterprises, optimizing franchise brand? Many franchisees want from great home textiles market share, but to choose what kind of home textile brands and confused. Here, home textile factory teach you three 'brand. first, investigate main brand market positioning and brand your compatibility, that is, the target customer base, brand whether customers around you. Second, the brand product line is clear and rich. As is known to all, make the product must have enough attractive products, attract consumers are mainly several factors, product design, product features, product price, different products can't appeal to different people. A key store survival needs rich products, product structure to be reasonable. Such as functional products attract consumers quality type, type design style of products to attract consumers, and low price products to attract price-sensitive consumers. Shop needs a variety of products to support store sales, need to have both the growing popularity of meager profit but high turnover is low price product, also need good quality reasonable price the profits of the product, which one is missing. High-end high brand, it is hard to low in economy, living three or four line city spending power is not strong. A only sell cheap goods shops, it is hard to maintain the normal operation of the shop. Therefore, it is need to consider enterprise brand have enough long product lines, has a different positioning, can meet the different levels of consumer demand. Third, investigate how the brand reputation, including franchisees after-sales service, and user of word of mouth. Spinning home textile, market positioning accuracy, is deeply loved by the masses of users, word of mouth is better in the bed is tasted, is joining site recommended many home textile brands. Company product positioning in the high-end market in second and third tier cities, aimed at young consumers. After many years of operation and development, the company has established the in-depth and extensive sales channels in the network, formed a differentiated competitive advantage. Concept has been striving to create fashionable home textile brand in 2018, to create 'light luxury fashion' concept, and the product style, product materials, improve product features, etc. merchants in 2018 new policies, to support, flexible way of investment and cooperation, let you join.
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