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by:TONDA     2020-04-03
products is one of our daily life necessary articles for daily use, but when you are enjoying them bring you sweet and comfortable at the same time ever thought they could impact on your health according to certain? In fact because of home textile products directly to the human body is thick, so once is unqualified, light produce allergic, can also lead to cancer. Of course, you also do not want too nervous for this problem. Because regular home textile products must be tested for sales, but as a consumer, how do we recognize? Today we will tell you something about home textile product safety and testing. For what are the aspects of home textiles products mainly to detect? Strictly, for home textile products sales professional department to test for a dozen items, but in the daily life of our consumers mainly pay attention to several: formaldehyde, PH value and color fastness, to reach GB18401 - 2010 national standard is qualified. That as consumers how to testing to know is that we buy qualified products? When consumer is buying home textile product first to see the certificate of approval, also look at certificate of the above project is not complete, all want to see the certificate of the above goods, factory address and telephone number, specification, fabric content, standards, safety categories and washing label. products fade, pilling, brittle are unqualified products. : national standard GB18401 - 2010 c is GB18401 - come into direct contact with the skin 2010 b is the GB18401 - direct contact with the skin 2010 class a actuality discrepancy is infant product components or not the content, the problem is more serious in the towel and quilt, especially many quilts that USES the fiber bore four, seven, nine holes filling material, the actual use of mostly single span and ordinary fiber. Formaldehyde as reaction of formaldehyde agent widely used in various kinds of textile finishing agents, such as resin finishing agent, fixing agent, softening agent, flame retardant, adhesive and so on. So after the finishing agent processing will more or less residual formaldehyde of textiles, once these free formaldehyde released and reaches a certain value, will cause a harm to human body. Part of water rate and the color fastness is unqualified products related the personage inside course of study warns customer, when choosing the quilt, want to consider both inside and outside, both to see the quilt cover, also should see filler material. First by the logo on the core, are all normal manufacturer production quilt in seam on the outer packing mark at core, consumers can learn from the logo by core filler, content of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, grade, fabric content, size specifications, washing methods, standards and other information. If there is no certificate sales quilt, had better not be bought. According to 'national textile product basic safety technical specifications' regulation, after 2005 listed textile products to the category of labeling, including the use of baby products must indicate the word 'infant', should be marked on the instructions and other products are in compliance with requirement of safety technique of categories, or may not be on sale. In addition, the sign of 'product component content' sign is the authenticity of product attributes, and consumer choose and buy goods main content choice, mandatory national standards specify the content of the product ingredient content must be marked, and the actual composition and the labeling component must be consistent. Expert clew, when consumer is buying home textile products to see the content of the label, guard against false tagging of fiber content, carefully choose; When there is doubt, sales staff may be required to produce product inspection report; If found in the process of consumption composition of fiber content false labeling phenomenon, should pay attention to keep good evidence, actively negotiate with merchants solve, can complain to the council, the relevant administrative departments at the same time, report it. Of course, if you want to buy quality home textiles products, it is not enough to look at the sign information, also look at the actual quality. See the fabric first. The choose and buy should first check the fabric quality home textile products, the quality of the fabric firstly lies in its yarn thickness and density - — Because the higher the density of the required quality of cotton, the better, feel more soft, more luster, and its production process requirement is higher. Pay attention to printing and dyeing, the products with good quality, better pattern printing and dyeing, no color difference, smudgy, decoloring phenomenon. Second see filler. This is the home textile product health care and warmth retention property and air permeability and durability is important one annulus. Such as wool, feather and cotton, without impurities, no peculiar smell; The false and inferior product USES is mixed with crushed the inferior chemical fiber, mixed or use general acrylic cotton, feel is smooth, soft, volume difference and poor permeability. Its processing technology. Normal manufacturer craft exquisite workmanship, level off, without eye of a needle, flat seam split stitch is in commonly 10 - 12 needle / 3 cm. Pay attention to the integrity, consistency, patterns, such as the right and left sides of the sewing pattern is symmetrical, face, lining pattern no upside down, with stripes and checks to symmetry, lattice.
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