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by:TONDA     2020-04-17
Modal fabrics soft, smooth and characteristics make it be used for close-fitting clothing and home textiles in the manufacture of widely popular with consumers, today for you a brief introduction of modal. English Modal fiber, Modal, is made by European beech wood pulp through special spinning process into fiber, is a kind of high wet modulus viscose fiber regeneration of cellulose fibre. No pollution in the whole production process, raw materials for the natural material, harmless to the human body and environment. Advantages: 1. The feel is good, feel is smooth, fine; 2. Good drapability; 3. Good air permeability and water; 4. Good gloss. Weakness: the optimum stiffness is poorer, there may be a phenomenon of fleece. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, some people prefer silk, do a problem but a headache made of pure silk, modal products also, has its own advantages, there are also some shortcomings. Certainly believe in technology development, the increase of textile technology and improved slowly overcome these shortcomings. Polyester fiber is one of the consumers in the daily life common fabrics, is the first major varieties of synthetic fiber, introduce this kind of fabric for you today. Polyester fiber as early as in the UK was successfully developed in the laboratory, in China, called dacron polyester fiber goods. Polyester relative to the natural fiber, silk of the following disadvantages: 1. Moisture content is low; 2. Easy to stain; 3. Permeability is poor; 4. Easy to pilling, easy to fluff; 5. Dyeing sex differences. Of course, these faults can by physical deformation or chemical modification methods to improve. Polyester fiber has many excellent textile performance at the same time, it can be either pure spinning manufacture, can also with other natural fibers such as silk, linen and other chemical fiber blended, application is very extensive, is to use more material. There is a kind of fabric in silk fabrics is called 'heavy silk'. Silk is not hard to understand, so what is big? Big word, it is the meaning of 'heavy', the word combination of a variety of meanings, nouns, adjectives, etc. Heavy silk twice refers to ordinary real silk fabrics with silk, spun by the special craft. It is made of natural fiber as raw material to real silk fabrics, with elegant appearance, downy burnish, tactility is comfortable and was deeply loved by consumers. So what is the distinguishing feature of heavy silk? Heavy silk is a kind of real silk fabrics, it besides has the general characteristics of silk fabrics, also has not shrink, crisp, easy to arrange, etc. , of course, the quality of the heavy silk fabrics is higher than common real silk fabrics, it is extremely difficult to hang, is other silk fabrics is unmatched. There are many kinds of fabrics, different fabrics have different characteristics, select a product when fabric is an important factor to consider.
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