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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
Bedding is used for people to rest and sleep, but the home textiles product in household how should have matched in color collocation can reflect the whole home textile sweet feeling comfortable? Here today to share skills and methods of several kinds of home textiles color collocation. colour collocation solution recommendations: 1, the joy of yellow green = new yellow is the color of a kind pure and fresh, tender, represents the new joy of life, the most suitable for home and have a little baby that occupy the home is tonal, the fruit green is the color of calm feeling of heart letting a person, can counteract the yellow light feeling, let a space steady down, so, this color matching method is very suitable for young couples to use way. 2, blue and white = romantic warmth ordinary people don't dare to try too bold colors, think or use white to compare safety, if like to use white, again afraid to contrive like hospital, use white and blue color, such collocation can make your home, like the Greek island, your person feels very free, as if it is to belong to a part of nature, breadth of mind making a person is open, the space that occupy the home resembles sea day it seems that uniform nature is euqally open and comfortable, but if you want to create such a Mediterranean amorous feelings, must put the things in the home, such as furniture, home accessories, curtain is limited in one color. 3, silver blue dunhuang tangerine = modern tradition with blue department and orange department give priority to color collocation, show the modern and traditional, ancient with today's meeting, creating the feeling of both surreal and flavour restoring ancient ways. Blue and orange color is originally belongs to the strong contrast color again, just some on both sides of the color change, let the two kinds of color can give space is a kind of new life. 4, black and white ash = eternal classic black and white can build a strong visual result, and in recent years popular gray is blended in among them, alleviation is black with white vision conflict feels, so as to create a different flavor, in this three kinds of color space, full of cold tone is contemporary feel with future, in circumstances of this kind of colour, will be simple and produce reason, order and professional sense. Of course, the people of different personalities on the household textile color requirement is different. If you have better advice might as well the designer to communicate with you, but the spinning le home textile small make up recommend you don't pursue blindly personality and ignores the collocation with the color of the whole household!
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