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Home textile manufacturer home textile product will increase the blood pressure - tell you red Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-04
The bedroom is just an ordinary room, a third of the average person his life time to live in the bedroom. The bedroom is not only a place to sleep, there is a most happy moments in our lives. Here to build a harmonious and solid marriage relationship, to design our happy life. On the one hand, it is very important is a bedroom can give us a quiet, the feeling of harmony. On the other hand, don't forget, this is, after all, the territory of love. If you create a harmonious and close internal space, life can be very happy, and the years of marriage is not sensitive feelings, feelings will become honeymoon. Won't ask yourself: 'who go to bed with her. In a word, life good change, starting from the bedroom changes. So 'from scratch' first equipped with their own space. There are a lot of home textiles decoration can make our space changes: bedding, curtain cloth art, carpet, pillow. 。 。 Is the most suitable for the space of love red soft colors: light red, orange, pink, purple. It is believed that these colors will help couples life, but be careful, because red can increase blood pressure in some men home textile products. If you have allergies to cannot use high pile carpet, take out, put a piece of white sheep skin on behalf of the carpet. Can hang pretty photos, but these photos should not be those who are easy to cause the colour of shock.
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