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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
Porous cotton generally fall into four seven holes cotton, cotton, 9 holes cotton, this kind of porous cotton commonly used in high-grade bedding, padding, the high cost, this kind of product due to factors such as light, soft, feel is good, popular with many customers. At the time of purchase, of course, it can also be in doubt: what this porous cotton cotton? Actually what we call the natural growth of porous cotton is not what we call white cotton, it is essentially a kind of polyester fiber products. And porous cotton 'hole' is to point to treat the biopsy of the polyester fiber in high power microscope, its fiber cross section of the hole cavity number, and is often referred to as the four holes, 7 holes, nine holes, etc. Then hole for what is the effect of material characteristics? In general because the pore space is stored in the air, hole cavity number, the higher, the more, the more air volume. Under the condition of isolation layer, and air content in the sunny, the air permeability, heat preservation sex is good. Hole cavity filled the air, the more the more channel compression and rebound, also can increase volume. So fiber hole cavity number, the more it's breathable, warm, fluffy is better, the more the soft also. All in all, four seven holes cotton, cotton, 9 hole is not cotton, cotton is porous fiber and chemical fiber products and 'buy' official name is 'spiral of three-dimensional crimp polyester hollow fiber', hereinafter referred to as 'hollow fiber', it put the raw material, the properties are described in detail. Fiber cavity is said to be able to store air, have heat preservation effect. The earliest chemical fiber cotton is the puckering, then with the four holes, seven holes, so far the United States dupont company produces the hollow fiber and only these three specifications. Ten years ago Shanghai ZhongFang developed nine holes cotton. As for the market to see mark ten holes, 13 holes, is spun, the reason is very simple, hole and more tend to be no holes, and also unnecessary. Otherwise the dupont company does produce? Shanghai fiber inspection and testing contrast, domestic hollow rate was much lower than that of imports of cotton. So, buy quilt just seven hole and under. Spinning home textiles remind you, four seven holes cotton, cotton, 9 holes are cotton, cotton instead of chemical fiber products, the official name of the porous fibers are as follows: 'the spiral of three-dimensional crimp polyester hollow fiber'.
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