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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Abstract: how about exactly what material the most reasonable and affordable price, the highest price? manufacturer in here for your action, let you understand the basic knowledge of bedding fabrics, help you choose the most satisfied with the bed is tasted. Want to buy the right bed is tasted, master certain fabrics of common sense is necessary. Sometimes, we always want to spend the least money to buy the best bed is tasted, such as buy 4 times, you may be thinking, what exactly what material price, the most reasonable benefit, the highest price? manufacturers here for your action, let you understand the basic knowledge of bedding fabrics, help you choose the most satisfied with the bed is tasted. The fabric yarn count. Fabrics are made of the yarn content organization, and the yarn content organization is geographic according to certain rules are interwoven fabric surface to form a certain certain grain and decorative pattern. The higher the count of the yarn, the yarn is thin, the use of such yarn woven cloth is the thinner, the cloth will be soft and comfortable. Must emphasize here is that the yarn weave, the more the more expensive. Such as yarn 40 cheaper than 60 yarn. The density of fabric. Density refers to the fabrics in the unit length of the root of the number of how many yarn, count more tightly, the fabric is more soft more warm, at the same time requirement for manufacturing technology and the cost is higher, the bed is tasted, the better the quality, cost, of course, these standards will be reflected in the price, price is higher. The fabric shrinkage. National standard shrinkage within 4%, bed is tasted raw material is different, have different shrinkage. In general, cotton bedding washing shrinkage, the biggest synthetic fibre such bed is tasted shrinkage is smaller. In addition, the density of the fabric is different, have different shrinkage, density is lower, the greater the shrinkage. The bed is tasted the shrinkage of regular home textile manufacturers association consideration. Argue that bed is tasted, the bed is tasted size home textiles manufacturers have been accurate calculation, considering the practical dimensions after washing shrinkage, so the customer can be at ease use. Here to ( cm) Released for the unit, the home textile manufacturers of bedding size. 1. 2 bed, S yards, core, especially for 152 * 218 size, sheet for 180 * 250; 1. 5 bed, L yards, core, especially for 203 * 229 size, sheet for 230 * 260; 1. 8 bed, XL yards, core, especially for 230 * 229 size, sheet is 260 * 260. Fabric color fastness. By core class products in general is given priority to with white, the color fastness to here. Mainly for 4 times. Color fastness to perspiration, refers to the product washing, rubbing color fast. Color fastness to directly affect the health of human body and the product is beautiful. Poor color fastness of bed is tasted in use touch sweat, such as fabric pigment loss will fade, the dye molecules can be absorbed by human body through the skin and a health hazard. , therefore, must buy the regular company's bed is tasted, the color fastness is better.
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