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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
The Chinese New Year is coming soon, it's time to the adornment of the house for a change of clothes. New Year arrived, a lot of families to purchase some new bedding, add some happy. Don't just see the color can be purchased bedding, decorative pattern, but also comfortable fabrics of choose and buy, so what kind of fabric bedding? Today, bedding, there has been a form of every design lets a person very love, but to buy bedding besides choosing design, more important is to choose the bedding fabric, the fabric is to determine the nature of the bedding quality materials. Different bedding fabric made of the same bedding products, price, quality also has very big difference. In life we most common bedding fabric is wool cloth, polyester cotton, cotton, below we will analyze whether bedding which fabric is good one by one: wool fleece bedding bedding is chemical fiber bedding, our daily life than cotton bedding is the most time of quality, price is also very cheap, usually few money can buy. Such bedding a rub off, without washing. But a lot of this kind of product on the market a lot, if you want to choose a better product, so must the zheng big eyes, carefully identify. Polyester-cotton bedding polyester-cotton bedding, generally USES the ratio of 65% polyester, 35% cotton, polyester-cotton fabric, terylene mostly divided into two kinds of plain and twill, to much difference compared with the pure cotton product comfort, in the bed of the purchasing this kind of fabric with fewer and fewer people. Pure cotton bedding made of pure cotton fabric texture is soft, comfortable, not easy to generate static electricity, hygroscopicity good, absorb sweat, soft, is advantageous to the sweat glands 'breathing' and healthy body, and soft, very easy to build an atmosphere of sleep. How many there are cotton fabrics shrink fade, general home textiles fabrics are treated with the preshrinking. But after preshrinking processing is not equal to not shrink, but the shrinkage control in the national standard of 3% - Within 4% %, such products can rest assured purchase.
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