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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
products are used in the bedroom environment, is the major point to the overall and harmonious environment, must consider the coordination and room environment and the particularity of room function, attention should be paid to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style. Choose different fabrics, can produce different result: straightforward warm cotton and linen cloth, calico plain natural, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn. Rough texture feeling of warm, smooth texture feeling of cool and refreshing. Texture of different visual effects, create different anger, when decorating, can choose according to your pursuit and appeal. But the home textiles fabrics which good? It should consider the needs of users. Cotton advantages: natural fabric, moisture breathable, soft, sensitive, easy to clean, not easy cottony ball, wearing comfortable, breathable, warm. Disadvantages: but easy to wrinkle, not easy to do, poor durability, easy to fade, shrink, easy to deformation. Hemp advantages: natural, comfortable, lightweight, breathable fabric. Disadvantages: feel is rough, but easy to wrinkle, not crisp, poor elasticity, skin tickling feeling when wearing. Silk advantages: fabric full of sheen, downy and bright, soft, smooth, less wrinkled easily, have certain stretchability. Disadvantages: not so good, easy to hang silk, the price is expensive. Wool advantages: warm, insulating wool is qualitative soft, good elasticity, stays strong. Disadvantages: easy cottony ball, shrink and felting reaction. Peel strengths: a certain breathing performance, high durability, high temperature resistant. Color: dark bright colour and lustre downy, real leather imitation leather is bright. Nylon advantages: surface smooth, light, durable, easy to wash easy to dry, flexibility and scalability. Disadvantages: easy to generate static electricity. Polyester advantages: good elasticity, soft as silk, hair soft, soft. Cons: poor ventilation, easy to static electricity and the bulb. Polyester advantages: chemical fiber fabrics, easy do, crisp, no ironing. Disadvantages: poor permeability, easy to produce static, not easy to stain.
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