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Home textile manufacturer to tell you: how to identify home textile quality - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-06
In recent years, the production of home textile products development is rapid, all kinds of designs, styles, fabrics series product is full of beautiful things in eyes. products including bed sheet, bedding bag, pillowcase, bedspread, quilt, pillow, cushion and other textile products. We went to buy household supplies often don't know how to identify good or bad, to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, below small make up teach you how to choose and buy home textile, home textile product quality. 1. See, on-demand option. When consumer is buying home textile products should first check whether will be marked on product is complete, then according to the label marked on safety category, grade, specification, composition, etc, combined with their own needs to buy home textile products. Generally choose the natural fibers such as cotton, silk products, with soft, breathable and moisture absorption properties. 2. Check the appearance, work, and smell. For the selected color design should carefully check: home textiles products surface parts with and without stain, roving, jump flower, take obvious defects such as color; Sewing line is straight, spelling a seam is flat; All kinds of accessories, the quality of a material of ingredients, such as zipper whether smooth, button is rigid, etc. Color with light color attune advisable, choose and buy color deeper, home textile products can be used in printing or dyeing cloth napkin rub a few times, if on the apparent color, show the product color fastness is not good. 3. According to the labeling for washing and maintenance. According to the product labeling requirements of washing, maintenance and storage. products, pay attention to the different materials have different washing methods, especially the bedding fabrics of silk commodities should use neutral detergent with warm water washing, soaking time shoulds not be too long. Different color products, especially the large difference of depth of products don't together washing, lest affect beautiful light color products with color. products are direct contact with human body products, consumers should first before use water washing, it can neutralize the fabric of the acid and alkali, make the fabric of the residue fully released, the safe and health.
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