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by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Goose down with good elasticity, flexibility and good air permeability characteristics was praised as a breathing down. Warmth retention property good, strong moisture absorption, it can absorb the moisture out quickly, make the person feeling dry and comfortable during sleep. At the same time, goose down ball fiber in the thousands of breathing pores, keep by core within a large number of air, which have very good heat preservation effect. Goose down quilt is advanced textile, completes the daily maintenance and maintenance is a good way to play its proper functions, improve the service life. Gently shake when changing a goose down quilt, let air into the, keep the core soft; Should be dry in a cool ventilated dry place, do not direct exposure to bright light; Storage should be kept dry, avoid weight, pay attention to keep clean, prevent mildew; Because of goose down of animal fiber table body, not for a long time, the quilt there may be slight scent, will be the core in ventilated dry place, the smell will disappear a few days; Frequently in quilt cover, prevent stains dye to be core on; Goose down by core washing way for dry cleaning. The real duvets ( Goose down, duck down, etc. ) Is the top grade in a quilt, usually we say that the feather is used as filler in the warm things down, is the goose and duck armpits, parts under the belly, take its flower type of fluff. Feather not only has good warmth retention property and softening property, no pressure and hot feeling, and have the function of moisture absorption perspiration. Feather is a kind of animal protein, than the plant fiber such as cotton and so on heat preservation capacity, high feather itself stereoscopic triangle frame structure can store a large amount of air, the air itself is a poor conductor, therefore glinting air can resist external and the loss of their own body temperature.
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