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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
With large and small home textile brands is more and more fierce competition, all kinds of promotional discounts also intensified, combined with the previous inputs such as advertising, the cost of an activity is higher and higher, but can attract the attention of consumers, but is still a difficult problem. As a result, many businesses are focusing on the gifts, gift as for consumers to purchase products, promote sales performance. However, in the actual operation process, sometimes didn't really give play to the effectiveness of the gift, thus losing the meaning of distribution gift. So, how do you play home textiles promotional giveaways maximum utility, in the sales promotion activity in 'soldiers surprise'? Between the gift and the product is linked to choose gifts to associated with the product, so as to bring customers the most direct sense of value. Like safflower matchs greenery, the collocation of complement each other, can let a person remember, otherwise, the products and gifts to lose value. Emphasizes the gifts with the relevance of the product, in addition to by way of live shows, games, such as operation, merchandise display and effective method. Accurately advertisement information before implement gifts home textile sales promotion, advertising work is top priority. If compare gifts home textile sales promotion to is a war of words, so, advertising campaign for a rainy day is 'open roads meeting the mountain, the water bridge' vanguard. Hype gift value, highlight merchandise value actually we were doing the home textile sales promotion activities, the value of the gift will not be too big commonly, basically be to see how you hype. Gift is the embodiment of the value added in home textiles sales promotion gifts, some of our businesses tend to reverse concept, or no clear concept. They often in the propaganda said: as long as you buy and how much value of the products can get what kind of gift. So often give consumers a he pay the value of including the concept of present value. Suppose we change a way of propaganda? Such as: 'our this promotion price is very favorable in home textile products, you can buy this product today really is a very cost-effective. And in order to thank you for your patronage, we will free gift of XX products. 'It's down which can move more propaganda caliber consumers? It goes without saying that it must be the latter. Because he emphasizes the 'free' this two word, on the feeling, bought to send into not only to buy affordable, as well as gift to send. Both before and after the original meaning is the same, but the effect is different. Set up the suspense, built the tension in rely on gifts home textile sales promotion activity this technique is often used. Informed consumers in the advertisement, for instance, this activity at * * days from today date, number of gifts co. , LTD, stocks last. 'To achieve the purpose of urging consumers to buy as soon as possible. So, after the gift and the propaganda activity itself, in the gift of target consumption group has a certain appeal, adopt the method of set limit to give away, particularly at the scene of the home textile sales, try not to let the consumer see gift of overmuch accumulation condition. Is suitable to put on the stage of points and a small amount of gift. At the scene of the activity can also put some empty boxes full of gifts, build a kind of gift best-selling, activities, a warm feeling. Rely on external appearing in gifts home textile sales promotion activity, just rely on home textiles sales promotion personnel puff of propaganda, xuan we tell consumers how good gifts, how valuable is not enough. At this point, we can use to invite product spokesperson or temporary public influence such as hiring stars to assist in publicity. It has been proved that the effect of this method is better, although in some perspective, the cost higher than general publicity, but the impact is very big, especially suitable for large-scale gifts home textile sales promotion. And promotional gifts in this way have a longer life cycle, from and after an event, there is no impact of the phenomenon.
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