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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
What are the main home textiles fabrics, variety? What is the distinguishing feature of each? products is indispensable in people's life, full of beautiful things in eyes of of all kinds of fabrics and home textile products, so what kind of fabric is the most suitable for us? Below small make up for you to introduce what are the main home textile fabrics, variety? What are the typical features of these home textile fabrics. Bamboo fiber bamboo fiber series products with natural bamboo as raw material, bamboo extract of bamboo fiber, using physical methods of cooking and processing skills. Do not contain any chemical additives, is a real sense of environmental protection fiber. Features (1) natural: 100% pure natural material, natural biological degradation ecological textile fiber. (2) security: no add, no heavy metal, no harmful chemicals to natural '3 without' product. (3) air permeability, permeability is strong, hygroscopic platoon is wet, known as the 'breathing' fiber. (4) comfortable: soft fibre, natural beauty as silk feel. (5) radiation protection: to absorb and reduce the radiation, effective against ultraviolet light. 6 health: suitable for all kinds of skin, baby skin can also be attentive caress. Maintenance (1) washing: normal temperature washing ( Below 40 ℃ temperature) High temperature soak, cannot use. Washing is unfavorable and chemical fiber fabric by washing. Suggest use neutral detergent cleaning, use alkaline detergent scrub the fabric structure is easy to break it. If you want to use the washing machine, with gentle mode, best washed by hand. (2) drying: after washing dry it in ventilation and avoid light place, not exposure in the sun. (3) pressing, cold pressing, no wrest pulled, bamboo fiber toughness will weaken after the suction 60 - to the front of the suction 70%, avoid by all means pulling on reduce the service life. Features (1) soft, good drapability, wearing comfortable, has the natural wrinkle resistance and wash and wear resistance. (2) the moisture absorption performance, breathable performance is better than that of pure cotton fabrics, be helpful for human body physiology cycle and health. (3) Modal fiber fabric cloth smooth, fine and smooth, have the effect of natural silk. (4) dyeing is better than that of pure cotton products, the product color is gorgeous, brightness, is a kind of natural silk fabrics. (5) Modal fiber fabrics such as stable performance, the test comparison of cotton fabric after 25 times of washing, will feel more and more hard, and Modal fiber fabric is just the opposite, Modal fabric after washed many times, still keep the original smooth and soft touch, soft and bright, and more wash more soft, more wash more bright. Maintenance (1) available to minimize friction, pulling, often change. (2) after cleaning, drying, ironing, should be stacked flat. (3) modal hygroscopicity strong, collection should guard against high temperature, high humidity and mildew phenomenon caused by the unclean environment. (4) medium temperature pressing requirement when ironing, should use less push-pull when ironing, make its nature extend to positive. Lace lace is a kind of exotic, mesh tissue, by a crochet knitting is the earliest. The production of lace is a very complicated process, it is according to certain design with silk thread or yarn knitting, unlike some of China's traditional lace hook or embroidery. The need when making the silk thread around each small spindle, each spindle is the size of thumb. A less complicated design need dozens of little spindle or nearly so, again big some design requires hundreds of small hooks. When making the pattern in the following, according to the design using different weaving, knot, etc to make. Features lace used nylon, polyester, cotton, rayon as main raw materials. Such as complementary with spandex or stretch yarn, elastic can be obtained. Common has the following four types: (1) polyamide ( Or polyester) + spandex: common elastic lace (2) nylon + polyester + ( Spandex) : can be made into double color of bud silk, with silk and polyester dyeing color is different. (3) all polyester ( Or all nylon) : can be divided into monofilament and filament, monofilament classes for more wedding dress; The effect of the filament class to copy out the cotton. (4) polyamide ( Polyester) + cotton: used as the bottom color vision effect. Maintenance (1) lace try not to put into the washing machine to clean, fine lace needs to be washed by hand or get a professional dry cleaners. (2) clean the lace when to use a mild soap or special cleaning delicate texture of textile cleaner. (3) before cleaning, spread towels in the pool first, reoccupy after washing towel to lace up, lace this can prevent accidental pulled apart or cause drag mark. (4) to absorb moisture in wet lace wrapped in a towel, and then put them flat out on the net surface drying rack to dry naturally.
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