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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
What are the main home textile fabrics, variety? What is the distinguishing feature of each? products is indispensable in people's life, full of beautiful things in eyes of of all kinds of fabrics and home textiles products, so what kind of fabric is the most suitable for us? Below small make up for you to introduce what are the main home textiles fabrics, variety? What are the typical features of these home textile fabrics. Cotton cotton fiber is the fertilization of the ovule epidermal cells after elongation, thicken and become the seeds of fiber, different from general bast fibers. It is the main material of the cellulose, as a result of cotton fiber has many excellent economic characters, making it the leading textile industry raw materials. Features (1) moisture absorption: 8 - its moisture content 10%, so it is in contact with a person's skin, make the person feels comfortable soft and not stiff. (2) heat preservation: cotton fiber itself is porous, high elasticity, can accumulate a large number of air between fiber, has good moisturizing effect. (3) heat resistance: pure cotton fabric heat resistant performance is good, under 110 ℃, will only cause fabric on evaporation, water will not damage fiber, so pure cotton fabric in room temperature, such as washing and dyeing is no effect to textiles, cotton textile, washable and durable. (4) : alkali resistance of cotton fiber on the alkali resistance is bigger, cotton fiber in alkaline solution, the fiber damage occur. (5) health: cotton is a natural fiber, its main composition is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substance and pectic substances. Pure cotton fabric with skin contact no stimulation, no side effect, no harm to human body. Fall float color maintenance (1) cotton fabrics ( The floating color does not affect the color of the fabric itself) , brunet with light color products washed apart when catharsis, prevent the series of dyed fabric appearance. (2) should not be soak too long in the washing liquid, soaking time had better not exceed 30 minutes, so as not to fade, and can't use bleach water. (3) suggest using gentle machine wash, pure cotton products for jacquard fabrics, not with a stiff brush against wash, prevent broken yarn neps. (4) drying time is too long, not exposure, to prevent the destruction of the color. Silk silk is cooked when the silkworm cocoon and solidified shell in the production of silk into a continuous long fiber, also known as silk, is a kind of natural fiber. Silkworm mulberry, silkworm, castor silkworm, cassava, silkworm, willow silkworms and wild silkworm, etc. One of the biggest dosage was mulberry silk, the second is the tussah silk. Silk light and thin fabric luster good, wearing comfortable, feel is smooth plump, poor thermal conductivity, wet absorption, gas for ZhiZhi silks and satins and knitwear, and used in industry, national defense and medicine and other fields. Features (1) it is a kind of natural protein fiber, is the most light, soft, the finest in the nature of natural fibers. (2) of 18 kinds of amino acids, the protein and chemical composition similar to human skin, soft and comfortable when in contact with skin. (3) has certain health care function, it can promote human skin cells vigor, prevent hardening of the arteries. The structure of fibroin elements to human skin moisturizing efficacy, hairdressing, prevent skin aging, and to aid in the treatment of skin disease with special effects. (4) in patients with arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, asthma has certain health care function, at the same time, silk products for light, soft, soft, not dust, especially suitable for old people, children use. (5) silk by have good warm force and temperature resistance, high cover comfort and not easy to kick a quilt. Maintenance (1) can be washed silk fabrics must choose neutral or weak acid washing detergent, soft in the washing machine ( In silk, wool function keys) 。 (2) cannot insolate when dry, silk goods should be ventilation to dry in a cool, dry place. (3) silk by during storage, the proposal with brunet cloth or moisture bag covered with Hyman huang, cannot use mothballs anticorrosive anti-insect, not weight. Tencel, Tencel fiber, for silver fiber, also known as 'Tencel', predominantly conifer wood pulp, water and solvent mixed ammonium oxidation, heat until completely dissolved, won't produce any derivatives and in the process of dissolved chemical action, via removing impurity and direct spinning, its molecular structure is a simple carbohydrate. Features (1) day soft silk fabrics, silk soft tactility and drapability. (2) days silk temperature sex, hygroscopicity is better than cotton fabric, in the process of using comfort significantly superior to the fabric, to a certain extent, can be a very good avoid the phenomenon of hot, humid. (3) days silk feels cool, but its heating speed, resistance, heat preservation is far superior to pure cotton fabrics. (4) tencel fiber comfortable breathe freely, antistatic, anti mite also have strong durability, good elasticity, not easy corrugate, do washing conveviently. Maintenance (1) when washing washing machine to weak cycle gear washing, time shoulds not be too long, the water temperature is moderate. (2) should be separated from dyeing clothes washing to prevent stain, use neutral detergent and softening agent. (3) when the air exposure, ventilation from hang dry, can use appropriate fragrance agent.
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