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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
Children's bed is tasted long contact with children, is closely related to their health, attaches great importance to by the parents. Recently, the shijiazhuang spinning home textile said small make up for pleasure and won't let children choose home textile! Infant bedding made of pure cotton material is preferred if the silk bed is better than pure cotton bed is tasted? Not necessarily. Especially when the object to the baby. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer understands, baby bedding made of silk, silk, cotton, blended, nano materials, etc. , in the material, pure cotton is worthy of choice. Cotton is a natural fiber, to the child skin without irritation, so most of the children's clothes and baby products with pure cotton material. Pure cotton bedding wear resistance, moisture absorption, air permeability, close skin, cleaning and maintenance is relatively pure silk and silk products more easily. According to shijiazhuang wholesale home textile manufacturer, more and more mothers have realized the child benefits of pure cotton bed is tasted, rather than buy expensive. In addition, the shopkeeper reminds, in children's bed is tasted the choice of design and color, to pay attention to the product quality is superior to the coating of reactive dyeing printing and dyeing, this kind of product of formaldehyde and decomposable aromatic amine content is low, color fastness is good. Shijiazhuang textile factory phone agent of many home textile brand, child home textile has sold, but the quantity is little. Shijiazhuang textile agents sell fewer children home textiles product color, pattern is coarser. Today's young people to buy children home textile value in many aspects: such as product environmental protection standard, whether to have rich color, pattern and so on, these is very important to children's health and intellectual development. Formaldehyde is not only on furniture and building materials remain volatile, may also be released from poor quality bedding fabrics. The children no matter from the aspects of quantity, quality and other home textile products are still not able to meet the market demand. A dealer said: need to shijiazhuang textile factory address in product development, marketing, and other links to be more perfect, for the market to provide more high quality children's home textiles products.
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