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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
Shijiazhuang spinning le home textile recently met a lot of customers to buy bedding, want to buy the best products with the least amount of money. Or others also have this product but the price is more cheaper. Shijiazhuang spinning home textiles is can understand customer's mood. But still want to tell everyone: a price points a points goods. Not only pursue cheap. Today is to focus on something about why cannot buy cheap home textile! 1, buy cheap home textile only after you kill the price of that moment is happy! Use it every time it is difficult to happy. Cheap things, its total cost is not low, but in other ways to save money to make up for back. 2, buy good quality home textile for money at that moment is love dearly! Easy every day, and use it every time you feel very worth it. 3, calculate the cost of the customer, the customer is desperately demand always think our price is expensive, siming bargain, and I calculate the cost of materials, calculate how much money a metre of cloth, I find that I want to ask him: 'design cost you forget it? Artificial cost calculated? Marketing cost calculated? The company normal operation cost calculate? Management cost calculate? Logistics cost calculated? Warehouse cost calculated? 'Four, give you a heap of yarn, you can turn it into four pieces? Steel and cement to you, you can go to build a house? Give you a pin, you can give yourself acupuncture? Give you a basketball, you can go to play in the NBA? Give you a heap of yarn, you can turn it into a nice 4 times? 5, service is the premise of profit is the premise of profits, every company is to survive, the profits can be reduced but not disappear, you take away all subsistence guarantee profits, product quality and after-sales service guarantee by who. 6, the quality of the products lies in the choice of your good expensive, yes, because of the good, so expensive! In the product quality, in the person taste! The quality of the product is your choice! There is no spend the least money can buy the best products. 7, perfect pursuit, quality was asked: 'can you 4 times cheaper'? I can only say: 'I can't give you the lowest price, I can only give you the highest quality, I would rather to explain for price for a while, don't want to apologize for the quality of life'. If you love your family, you can decorate the home of the delicate and gorgeous, let the family feel the warmth of family; If you love your children. Then you can ask the bed is tasted environmental safety in the home, give their children a healthy growth environment; If you love your parents, you will dress up the home warm and elegant, let parents enjoy old age! If you love yourself, then you will give yourself a comfort zone according to his be fond of, make your life more happy! Expensive things in addition to you, other what all good, in addition to the cheap cheap things, maybe something is bad, the people in the home, are our loved ones, are our most important people, we are responsible for them. What reason does not require higher, be nice to them?
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