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by:TONDA     2020-04-03
A third of the time in one's life is spent in sleep, can let a person comfortable mattress sleep more sweet. And the corresponding standard knowledge can help you choose the right mattress, home textiles manufacturers to tell consumers - — About the mattress standards and maintenance of common sense. Q: do many kinds of mattress has a corresponding national standards: a mattress filling material by spring, plastic foam, coconut palm commonly, felt, latex, or some other combination. According to different use of underlay, mattress can have spring soft mattress, foam mattress, latex mattress and palm fiber mattress, etc. , currently on the market leading products for the spring soft mattress. For spring soft mattress, palm fiber mattress, country has issued a corresponding product standards, is QB1952 respectively. 2 - 2004 the soft furniture spring soft mattress, QB/T2600 - 2003 the palm fiber elastic mattress, other mattress with reference to the above standards. Q: how is used for the detection of our country standard mattress in the harmful material set limit to of? A: in order to control the harmful substances of mattess, QB1952. 2 - 2004 'soft furniture spring soft mattress' provisions of the health requirements, formaldehyde release a quantity of mattress regulations don't allow more than 0. 050 / h and mattress pad materials are not allowed to have peculiar smell; May not appear mildew or bug eat by moth, macroscopic observation should not be checked out fleas, ticks, bugs and other arthropods and cockroach eggs clip; Should not be used for medical waste, waste clothing and other waste fiber products; Should not be used without high temperature molding ( Hot melt) , disinfection process of fibrous industrial scraps or with its processing regeneration of fibrous material; All flocculant with fibre should not be bleached. Q: at present our country is how to detect standard mattress durability? A: according to the regulation of the current national standard, the durability requirements such as spring soft mattress. It is on the mattress in the process of using the most easily damaged parts for shock, according to the number of impact test, and the damage of the mattress after test to evaluate the durability of mattess. According to the standard spring soft mattress, spring soft mattress can be divided into A grade, B grade, C grade, they must through 60000 times, 40000 times and 20000 times respectively impact test, at the same time after test should ensure that the fabric without damage, no broken reed, hemming off-line, bedding materials without damage or displacement. Q: how is used for the detection of our country standard mattress and indicate the size error between the actual size? A: according to the existing national standard QB1952. 2 - 2004 the provisions of the soft furniture spring soft mattress, mattress actual length, width, height and logo size to allow bias, in which the actual length of the mattress the deviation between the size of the logo can be in - Between 15 mm and 10 mm, and the mattress height, width and logo size deviation in - are allowed 10 mm and 10 mm between. Q: hard mattess is good? A: mattress is not as hard as possible, if the mattress is too hard, not only human back nerve compression, and also can affect blood to circulate normally, after a long time also can cause back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Therefore must serve as a good mattress is soft hard moderate, good elasticity and mattress can be immediately restorable after compression, no uneven, sink in the side of bed or lined with mobile phenomenon. Lying on the mattress, mattress to various parts of the body should have enough support, especially to keep the spine natural stretch, and with the shoulder, waist and hip joint completely, leave a bit gap. Q: how to maintain the mattress? A: new mattress in the first year, buying used every 2? About 3 months of positive and negative, or corner turn a mutually, make the mattress spring force uniform, and after about flip once every six months. Don't often sitting on the bed edge. Four Angle are the most vulnerable for mattress, on side of bed sit for a long time, easy to make the edge damage of spring, don't jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point stress ambassador spring is damaged. Some mattress in the surrounding edge have vent, when using do not tighten the sheets, mattress, lest will vent closed, causing mattress air circulation, breeding ground for germs.
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