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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Buy cloth art, must follow the principle of coordination, accessories and bedroom whole style color, texture and shape should be watching out for each other, visual harmony. Advocate lie: master bedroom is the area of illicit close sex is extremely strong, master room to sleep, rest space. Choose thick, warm, safe cloth art product, can fully guarantee your privacy life and sleep are not affected by the effect of outside light and noise. The guest lies: elegant warmth, easy to clean, easy to clean, is the basic principle of decor. The using of the fabric to make the guest to get comfortable rest outside, still always feel master's care and consideration. : children room should not be complicated. Children active and often learn to grow in the destruction. Ing decorate tend to limit children's behavior, is not conducive to childlike innocence nature. So, the use of cloth to ensure safety, concise and easy, easy to clean up is preferred. The baby's room: tonal give priority to with quietly elegant warmth. Soft color requirement, generally is light pink, light blue or yellow, neat and easy to clean. Soft material moisture, five excitant. Illuminative effect, make the new human babies feel the warmth of home, at the beginning of the people for the parents to enjoy endless happiness, and leave a good memory. Sitting room: the cloth art here mainly concentrated in the wall, curtain, sofa, cushion for leaning on, and on the ground, generally should be pragmatic and generous, the style is unified. If can revolve around a theme to decorate, is more ideal. But note that it is not easy causing huge pile of cloth art impression. Shijiazhuang spinning le shijiazhuang textile co. , LTD is a professional home textiles manufacturer, product quality excellent, prices reasonable. Has the need to welcome you to inquire!
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