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Home textile manufacturers: silk by buying recognition - knowledge Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-19
Product purchase each enterprise to the customer's location and the corresponding sales strategy of different will directly affect their understanding of the quality of product and requirements, and thus lead to fundamentally they choose different types and different quality silk, some of them have're incapable bad behavior of the customers and, therefore, when you need to carefully to identify when the choose and buy silk by. Today invited home textiles adviser introduces the choose and buy of silk by methods and techniques, and should pay attention to matters such as the knowledge points. Step one: look at the price real mulberry silk was, the price is higher, if the prices are surprisingly low, not inferior, is mixed with chemical fibre. Step 2: see the label logo should be a detailed description of the quilt, mulberry silk was truly, can clear bid out the words '100% mulberry silk', level is the 'mega', and generally tussah silk or short fiber silk by general logo only '100% silk' or 'pure natural silk' and other words level is the 'primary' or 'secondary'. When customers buy so clearly in choosing the best '100% grade raw silk quilt, otherwise it's easy to buy authentic mulberry silk was. Step 3: look at accessories silk was set in a cool, is commonly used in fixed with 25 needle sewing method. Within the stand or fall of bedding bag can affect the use of feeling. On the market within the bedding bag have silk, cotton, chemical fiber and so on. Selected full quilt set construction as far as possible when customers to buy. Step 4: the process silk by the quilt cover with more than 30 cm above the mouth, so that it can be convenient and also happy to accept customers in-depth internal check silk silk. If the quilts are sewing up, it's best not to buy the quilt. Widening open as far as possible, in order to observe the large-area was, in order to avoid corners is silk and there is adulterated. Step 5: see silk silk is a poor conductor of electricity, pull zipper on the side of bedding bag, friction force quickly zipper mouth show is about a minute, and then let the width is about 0. 3 cm to 1 cm of the cabinet, if you can suck up the paper scraps, explain the tyres inside filler is chemical fiber or mixed with a large number of chemical fiber. Silk has flame retardant effect, when the flame burning white smoke, the smell of burnt, flame soon after leaving the flame, ash brittle and fragile, hand knead flour that is not hot; Chemical fiber smoke during burning, pungent odor, ash, dark and hands. ( )
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