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by:TONDA     2020-05-05
products is often things in people's lives, the winter cold is inseparable from the warm, comfortable bed. Don't look down upon, home textiles products, every day they close contact with human body, its quality is directly related to the user's health. At the same time, along with more and more people pay attention to the quality of life, various duvets, silk by, camel hair are flooding the market, product features are also very 'amazing'. You are used every day in the home textile product safety? products in the process of production, sales, what are the problems? How to distinguish the quality of home textiles product quality? Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers blow-by-blow account for you. Duvet price difference this winter cold weather let light, warm duvet in the fire. But, in the process of choose and buy many consumer made difficult, is also a duck down or goose down filling duvets, present a different price, some stores selling duvets each bed to thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, and in the online sales of seemingly with duvets each bed for more than 200 yuan. The same duvets, how come the price gap so big? Look from the price, white eiderdown quilt for each bed in 800 yuan to 2500 yuan between, the price of white goose down quilt some more expensive, every bed in 3500 yuan to 8000 yuan between. It is not difficult to find that, the white duvet and white goose down is the price difference is very big. To this, a duvet salesperson explains: 'look from the degree of warm, white eiderdown and white goose down is all about. Goose down velvet flower than just duck down big, the quilt more fluffy, thicker at core. 'Want to see the appearance looks like it is a bit difficult at core duvets, actually is the core of great fortunes around. According to introducing, a few days ago, a lady to his shop to duvet filling pile. She just bought special goose down is used for a few days, we'll feel more cover more thin, began to thought it was because of less down, unexpectedly, then open on see, which is a goose down quilt inside filling? Factory only on the edge of the quilt detection mouth filling a small goose down, the rest is goose duck mixed pile, FenSuiMao, silk, and even a lot of fiber, things like that. 'This duvet like down jacket, is really good things is a pile in the core, it is a duck, goose abdominal hairs, peng up at the sight of the wind, so the heat preservation effect is good, general duvet downcontent at 50% 90%. FenSuiMao had duck, the goose feathers have broken, and in the rest of the fly wire is from wool terrier off without stems short fluff, its volume, and bacteria. 'So consumers can't see by core before buying requirements? Want to open the duvet see by core inner face. The seller said: 'see, there is no zipper? Can't tear open the quilt. 'She also persuade the reporter:' you buy down jacket also requires open clothes look? We have a strict quality assurance, the material is real. 'Does not simply see downcontent science according to reporter understanding, China is now the prevalence rate of duvets, only about 1%, the prevalence rate of Europe and the United States and other developed countries, reaching 50%. Duvets, therefore, has a huge market potential, but the market at present, a mess affect the orderly development of the industry. Duvet in the market now is the core of mainly white white goose down, grey goose down, duck down, ducks, geese and ducks mixed pile and crushing 6 kinds of cashmere, and the best quality is goose down, the second is the duck down. 'Duvet warm not warm to see downcontent, different downcontent, price difference in nature. For example, selling 799 yuan/bed of white eiderdown, its downcontent is 80%, and 1380 yuan/bed is up to 90% of the downcontent. 'But, feather products list is not accurate, see downcontent since February 2012, the implementation of the new national standard' clothing ', put forward the new concept of 'velvet son content', downcontent consists of flocking content and silk. So-called hair silk, the new national standard is defined as 'from the base of wool or wool off single hair silk'. New gb regulation, downcontent of up to 95%, wool content must be 85 or more. 50% 5%, the lowest downcontent, wool content must be 45% or higher, the rest can be hair silk. Reporter discovery, however, for the hair silk, the proportion of new gb not set limit.
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