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by:TONDA     2020-05-06
Chinese ancient civilizations were the first to use silk, silk is known to all is good, also know your silk, but fortunately, in which position? Real silk street silk by manually? Taobao sell silk by scraps? Spinning le home textiles small make up today is talk about silk by long life quilt ordinary quilt cover after a long time, mildew, and mites, bacteria invasion. And silk sericin, covered with a layer of the mite and a variety of microorganisms have natural immunity ability, so the silk quilt can use 15 ~ 20 years. The detox quilt people sleep, the skin without rest, it give off moisture and heat, containing discharge toxins in the body. Silk of the hydrophilic side chain amino acids 'and can absorb the moisture in the air to be ruled out, maintain the quilt is dry. The cleanest quilt in the winter, the weather is dry, chemical fiber is easy to generate static electricity, adsorption and a large amount of dust, health not guaranteed. And silk protein fiber, won't produce static friction, so the silk quilt is the most clean quilts. The beauty of the quilt silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids and natural porous protein fiber ingredients, to human body have good adjustment function of the blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the vitality of human skin cells, to delay the ageing of the skin and nourish the skin. Among the highest in the most comfortable quilt silk contains fiber volume gap '' silk, when the day is cold can decrease the rate of heat conduction, warmth retention property is better than leather, cotton, etc. ; On hot days and to remove excess heat, cause the temperature to keep comfortable. The health quilt silk by silk can be pulled to 1100 m long fiber, is pure natural plant protein and ensures that your body's health. So for a long time will cause diseases such as respiratory tract infections. The health quilt silk by light warm and comfortable, let the cardiovascular no-load, make you no longer holding up other thick quilt, and make the heart and blood vessels during sleep load and under too much pressure, make your sleep more comfortable, more sweet, more health. The immune natural silk quilt contains a kind of call the hydrophilic side chain amino acid substances, can quickly absorb moisture, using wire tire good air permeability, keep the bed dry wet pleasant, can reach the effect of prevention of rheumatism, arthritis and skin disease. One bed 3 kg silk by, requires more than 20000 silkworms, with 100 layers of silk layer upon layer laid, need 4 skilled worker at least 30 minutes to complete a wire drawing process. The street selling handmade silk by fake goods rate is as high as 99%, taobao silk by fake goods rate is as high as 70%, you are cautious to buy. So, please understand refused to temptation.
Shanghai Tonda international trading Co.,ltd. is willing to push up our sleeves and wade into unknown territory with equal parts fearlessness and optimism.
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