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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
is short for home textiles, home textile types varied, material is also different. So home textile how to choose? Actually for bed it scenery line sheets and bedding bag, pillowcase between varied from each other. Household bedroom color mainly from bedding, we can choose different style, different color, different kinds of bed cover sheet, in fact, when the choose and buy bedding also should pay attention to the choice of the size and color. 1, all of the bed sheet, bedding bag, quilt have a unified standard: 3750 px x 5000 px bed should buy 5000 px x 5750 px standard sheet, bedding bag, quilt; While 4500 px x 5000 px bed should choose 5500 px x 6250 px suite, therefore before buying must clear their own bed size. 2, the design of bed is tasted can also according to their need to purchase, can buy a big piece first, and then gradually to buy small piece to replace. Still can buy extended widened sheet ( 6250 px×5700 px) , bedding bag ( 5700 px x 5000 px or 6000 px x 5500 px) To replace the massive quilted bedspread and multi-purpose is. Plus for 1 or 2 of pillow (one large and one small Big 2100 px x 1450 px, 1850 px x 1200 px) , still can add 1 paragraph on package ( 1500px×1500px) , combined into 4 sets, 5 sets, 7 sets, 10 sets. 3, with the seasons change, summer can choose cool color attune such as light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white, flower pattern cotton bedding; Spring winter can choose purple, ash yellow, orange, warm cotton bedding; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series and so on, the more moderate and strong affinity, good bedroom can choose all the year round for temperature control conditions. When selecting a bed is tasted do careful, size must be clear in advance, or buy back don't use it do the opposite. Way to manage home textiles products: cotton washing cotton fabric, with soap or other weak alkaline cleaning detergents. Finally soak 5 - before washing The temperature of 10 minutes, wash to 40 degrees is advisable. If the cotton fabric was matted with sweat, blood, or other stubborn stains, be sure to soak in cold water; And can't use hot water soak, lest macular fabrics. Cotton and linen fabric washing cotton and linen fabric to avoid rubbing too hard, in order to avoid fabric fuzz; In addition, when washing cotton and linen fabric is unfavorable and water temperature is too high, temperature control in the 30 - washing It is advisable to 40 degrees. Cotton and linen fabric after wash good, need not too hard twist dry, so as to avoid fabric wrinkling. Silk fabric is best when cleaning silk fabric is washed by hand, and with cold water washing, finally with special silk wool washing liquid cleaning; Don't rub is overweight, so as to avoid fabric is damaged. If the real silk fabric with oily be soiled, can use a small amount of cold water to rub the stains in qing; Then soak cleaning.
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