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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
One's life, there is a third of the time is spent on the bed. Bed mat, spread, pillow, cover, choose whether proper, have a close relationship with human health. Choose a set of fabrics is comfortable, the price is moderate, colour appropriate bedding, will bring more warmth to your life. In bed supplies plenty market, how to find a set of economical and practical bedding? For this, we specially consulted home textiles association experts to teach you a few action: there are tricks of choose and buy bedding experts to teach you how to buy cheap and good one, according to the personal economic condition to decide what you need to fabrics. 1, such as: twill, plain weave, satin, printing, embroidery, jacquard and so on. Each of these fabrics decides the price of the suite, from 100 to the thousands. The satin drill, printing, embroidery, jacquard quality is better than plain weave, twill. No matter choose which kind of material, remember, all want to choose grade a, though, with the same material grade a relatively expensive, use for a long time is worth it. For general use eight or more hours a day in the bedding, quality directly affect people's physical health and mental state, good quality role ofing will definitely bring a good night's sleep, under the condition of the economic conditions permit, to spend more money is worth it. 2, a set of bedding fabrics, same brand price is very different, because the brand contains design layout and advertisement cost, the price will be relatively higher. Therefore, choose a few growing brand not only beautifully designed, quality trustworthy, and prices are more affordable than big-name. Here recommend a good brand - spinning home textile. Their well-made products, product style of Nordic recreational amorous feelings. Pure and fresh, natural, very fashionable. Now spread all over the country store, is a brand grew up quickly. Like this in the promotion of brands, the businessman in order to occupy the market early, do not sell high price, and product quality control was also more strict. 3, want to consider a comfortable, bedding is comfortable, the fabric is the most critical. Pure cotton fabrics texture is soft, comfortable, not easy to generate static electricity, bedding, had better choose hygroscopicity good natural cotton, cotton cloth absorb sweat, soft texture, is advantageous to the sweat glands 'breathing' and healthy body, and soft, very easy to build an atmosphere of sleep. Is there a better one, it is good to wash good care. Pure cotton texture also has a lot of kinds, fabrics can be divided into plain weave, twill, satin weave. Choose different fabrics, can produce different effects. Different visual effect, create the atmosphere of each different, when decorating, can choose according to their own pursuit and appeal. Tabby fabrics is straightforward, with longitudinal and cross weave, compared with other fabrics, feel is rougher, but it's very strong. The different yarn, feel is also different. The higher the yarn, feel better, comfort is also higher. Twill fabrics texture has apparent rake, a bit luster, the density that raise gauze same situation, handle, comfort level is higher than plain. General twill fabrics are printed, printed plain nature. Satin weave is new fabrics, very smooth, shiny, looks like satin, rich and luxuriant, more comfortable, but durability is a bit poor. The rest of the two, is the problem we consider beautiful, good bedding, whether or not the design and color is good. Work 'is the first requirement that bedding, delicate, smooth, no eye of a needle, etc. It is also one of the guarantee of quality. Choosing bedding, many consumers only care about the color pattern is good, seldom asked color fastness. Pay attention to oh! Refers to the cloth embroidered, patterns are machine embroidery, embroidered products has the permeability, hygroscopicity good, etc. Jacquard fabric is on the design, at the time of weave, use different color yarn fabric, embroidery fabric, compared capital cost is higher, process more complex, and the bed is tasted the softer, fine gloss, feel better, better quality and permeability is better, and more elegant. So prices are generally in 800 yuan of above. Generally can be reference to measure the level of the factory by jacquard products. For the rest of all these above determine the good, is the pattern. Bedding fabric generally one hundred percent of cotton component, common coloring in terms of pattern design and color is gorgeous. But in bedding and choose clothing, clothing only in conformity with the personal temperament, and bedding is used in the bedroom environment, should match the overall coordinated and harmonious environment. So must consider the coordination and room environment and the particularity of room function. Currently, most home decorate a style is contracted and contemporary style of decoration. Choose a really suitable for their own household atmosphere bed is tasted it is very important. Hundreds of brands on the market at present, the most suitable for contracted and contemporary household style home textile brands than spinning of home textiles products. Contracted and fashionable, very individualize, advocating home textiles fashion, having a unique style in the numerous brands. Because of its Nordic style characteristics of recreational amorous feelings, and young people's favorite. And as a household soft adornment, very joker. It is easy to can show the household living side immediately. Both the brand and product price. Bedding style had better to make room furniture color, style photograph humorous.
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