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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Today, people's quality of life is increasing day by day, the home textiles design and quality are also ascending simultaneously. However, as the huge consumption potential of home textiles market gradually released, there have been some bad products on the market. These products are often design is very beautiful, but once wash water will rub off, shrinking its shape. More worse fabric composition, content, pH value is not qualified, can cause skin allergic diseases. At the end of last year, the Beijing municipal administration of industry and commerce on circulation bed category commodity quality monitoring results, a brand can be carcinogenic aromatic amine was detected azo dye. It is understood that the current four big problems generally home textiles products. First, the annotation and the actual content is not consistent; The second is the difference in color fastness to; The third is the pH value is unqualified; The fourth is some raw materials composition cannot be applied to clothing and bedding. Textiles in the process of production, to add some dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agent, and the finishing agent can contain more or less or produce harmful substances. According to relevant experts, pH value on the surface of human skin weak acid, the pH value of textiles, affect human body skin acid-base environment, destroy the balance of bacteria on the surface of the skin, can lead to diseases such as skin allergy. And some components by contact for a long time, is likely to cause cancer. Countermeasures: some textiles are pH, composition and safety indicators unqualified is a manufacturing enterprise with the detection of dyeing materials lax, the improper process control has much to do in the process of dyeing and finishing. If unqualified products to enter the market, is likely to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Consumers who buy or use the selective examination unqualified product, can be in accordance with the law to the manufacturer to court or complaints to the relevant department, in order to maintain their own legitimate rights and interests.
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