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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Whatever the product, there are tens of thousands of brands. Therefore, in the face of daily life is closely linked products, consumers on the choice 'shop around'. While the uninitiated, how to choose home textiles products? Become the most pressing question, small make up think, want to choose suits own home textiles products, but also according to the characteristics of the product and personal interests. ( 1) About the bed is tasted. Bedding, the commonly used material is qualitative with cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, silk, silk/cotton mixed, ramie cotton blended or mixed is given priority to, the general complete real silk fabrics, bed is tasted showily elegance, high density cotton jacquard bedding with good quality and the use of comfort, is a high grade product. The benefits of terylene printed bedding is colorful, light easy catharsis, average price is relatively low. ( 2) About the core. Different material by core common are: chemical fiber, silk quilt, duvets, are made of wool, camel hair was, etc. Core is kind of product can be combined with the filler material according to the different characteristics of choose and buy. Pillow core material in addition to above by core is often used to similar material, also common latex pillow, kapok pillow, grass drug pillow, etc. ( 3) About the towel. Towel is commonly used in the majority with pure cotton material, the advantage is soft and comfortable, good water imbibition. Children should be adopted for thin and super soft towel, such as pure cotton plain coloured small specifications towels; Smooth skin or allergies choose low loop, density smaller towel; Men generally metabolised, appropriate chooses thick full, surface friction larger towels, such as screw, MAO times higher ( Terry is higher) , coarse yarn towel; Qiu dong season choose thick insulation towel, hot weather appropriate chooses light suction wet towel. In addition, when buying a home textiles products, to look for the packing of the products. Make clear instructions on the use of the normal product: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, etc, and specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used. Tip: in the textile dye can make the person causes cancer, therefore, close-fitting cover bedding should choose light white products, other home textiles products should choose not easy to fade away. The person with sensitive skin, do not recommend using terylene bedding. Neutral shades for teach you choose and buy all the year round, summer can choose cool color attune such as light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white home textile products; Winter can choose purple, ash warm color such as yellow, orange; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series such as mild and strong affinity, can use all the year round. Another different fabrics, can produce different effect, simple natural cotton and linen cloth, calico romance, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn, fabrics of different visual effect is different also, create different atmosphere. Tip: consumer is when the choose and buy bed is tasted must pay attention to its pH. PH levels will cause itching and inflammation. The current limit on textiles pH is a mandatory standard, textile pH should be 4. 0 to 7. 5.
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