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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
People usually call refers to mulberry silk, pure silk is silkworm protein fiber spit it out, it contains many amino acids beneficial to human body: as people of environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, and the requirement of increasing the quality of life. As a natural fiber silk home textile so favored by more. Many people think that real silk is too delicate, easy to wrinkle, fade. Short service life and so on. In fact, all of these are due to improper cleaning and maintenance. As long as to master the correct method of washing and maintenance, it can keep the silk home textiles shiny color and soft texture, long experience silk brings you noble feelings. One, dry cleaning, please use dry cleaning when conditions permit, the quality of the silk is not susceptible to the influence of dry cleaning solvent, so dry cleaning is the most secure way to maintenance of silk. When you are sending silk home textile washing, please pay attention to the following a few things 1, select normal, professional dry cleaners. 2, stick to the stain of home textiles, please send it as soon as possible. 3, if possible, tell the dry cleaning stains caused by the reasons. 4, please let us know your dry cleaning will stain place. 5, if some part of the fading caused by friction, please tell the dry cleaning, so that you can use special treatment to restore the same. Second, the water in the absence of dry conditions, can use water to wash the way. Silk home textiles washing need professional knowledge, so must be strictly according to the requirements of the washing label on the product of washing.
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