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by:TONDA     2020-05-07
In daily life, we often need to wash the curtains, carpets, mattresses and related bedding. Essential will rub off or deformation problems. So at the time of cleaning, how should we prevent deformation of cloth art rub off or? Shijiazhuang as one of the top ten brand in the China home textile, home textile manufacturer must have their own professional insights on these issues. You love home life, together with shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers to understand the curtain cloth art, carpet and mattress commonly used washing! Curtains hang directly keep the drape curtain is not only a window of role, as well as 'guest', the effect of beautification bedroom, the ornament bedroom but know very little about how many families for scientific cleaning the curtains. Net tools: collar or dry cleaners, washing machines, white vinegar. Time: 1 hour method: for a curtain, with local stain with collar net clean locally, then swab repeatedly with wet dishcloth dips in water; For a curtain, with large stains can use washing machine, or to cleaners. Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturer experts action: cleaning for the first time, adding suitable amount of white vinegar can have the effect of solid color, in the later in the process of washing, adding suitable amount of white vinegar can keep color bright; Don't use net with the function of bleaching stain on his collar, or it will cause the curtain rub off; Collar net or dry lotion with circle is best way to wipe, because the pattern of the curtain is horizontal, vertical, if wipe down the two direction, easy to cause the curtain deformation; Rinse the curtain on a curtain rod directly, can make the curtain produces the effect of natural prolapse. Carpet is an iron decontamination sterilization by placing a rug in the tea table of the sitting room not only to embellish the space, also can let a space appear more clean, but always pros and cons, in beautify the environment at the same time, daily cleaning carpet also makes most people feel headache. Tools: bath towel, electric iron, dust brush, vacuum cleaner available: 30 minutes method: daily cleaning are mainly composed of dust collection, the carpet of small piece of garbage to clean up in time, need to get clean laundry clean whole. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer experts action: if get clean laundry, Suggestions do not dry clean, because of the dry cleaning sterilization and decontamination effect than water ideal; The seventy percent first wet towel to cover the carpet surface, and then use an iron, such not only can decontamination sterilization ( Long hair, short hair carpet is applicable) 。 Sofa set on a sofa without dry sofa cover cleaning method is simple, but most people will be because of the difficulty, trouble and lazy clean, remove the small long vacation might as well put it removed clean. Tools: washing machines, dry lotion available: 2 hour method: if only partial besmirch, dry cleaner scrub are available, and if large smudgy, or use the washing machine to clean. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer experts action: if the sofa cover shrink after washing, it is best to take the advantage of sofa cover didn't dry when it into the sofa position, so that we can make the shrink after sofa cover set well into the sofa. But we must keep the health, because the wet slipcover more easily than usual dirt; Collar net or dry lotion with circle is best way to wipe, because sofa sets of lines are horizontal, vertical, if wipe down the two direction, easy to cause deformation of sofa cover. Mattress sunlight help sterilization mattress is always wrapped in thick sheet bedding, dark, use after a period of time, the body falls off, such as the scurfy, hair that adsorption to the mattress, breeding of bacteria and mite, mattress so will be properly clean. Tools: vacuum cleaners, dust brush available: 20 minutes methods: usually brushed off the mattress with the brush on the surface of the hair, dander, use vacuum cleaner regularly for a thorough vacuuming of mattress. If there is a zipper mattress, can be unzipped, the vacuum suction pipe plug into the mattress dust collection; There is no zipper mattress can focus on the mattress vent for dust collection. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer experts action: the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is very good sterilization weapons, conditional word, might as well put it on the sun exposure for a period of time; Often changing the head and foot direction of mattress, or positive and negative change the mattress, can prolong the service life of the mattress, avoid mattresses are collapsing. ( Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers tip)
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