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Home textile manufacturers to teach you to use tactility identification of home textile fabric - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-07
People more and more high to the requirement of bedding, so for the fabrics of home textile products of high quality. When we in the purchase of home textiles products have met don't know what is the situation of the fabric? The identification of how the fabric? Here to teach you to use tactility identification of home textiles fabric. 1. Pure silk: silken face smooth fine clean, soft gloss, bright color, pure. Feel is smooth, soft, elegant appearance. Drying case, silken face torn wire 'chirp'. 2. Pure linen fabric, luster, feel hard, some have tickling feeling. Crease, restore slower, hang down feeling worse. 3. Pure cotton cloth, cloth luster, soft, soft, elastic is poorer, easy to fold. With his hand pinched her cloth after loosening, clearly visible fold, and the crease is not easy to recover. From the edge length of warp and weft open view, different fiber length. 4. Twill: luster is pure, bright, smooth cloth, clean cotton or impurities. Feel is smooth. Crisp, flexibility is better than pure cotton cloth. Loosen after hand pinched her cloth, cloth of crease obviously, and easy to recover. 5. Viscose silk: silken face bright but not soft, colourful, feel is smooth, soft, hang down feeling is strong, but not as good as pure silk is lightsome and elegant. Hand knead silken face after loosening, crease, and recover slowly. Tore his voice hoarse. The warp and weft after touching water wet, easily pulled apart or cause drag mark.
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