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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
In daily life, often in washing bedding we will have a myth: that is washing bedding is a program. Actually, according to the craft, the bedding, size, color, fabric, etc, in the process of washing, cannot adopt the unified mode operation. Below together with one of the ten famous brands in China home textiles shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers to understand the printing embroidery class cleaning matters needing attention of bed is tasted, generally the two types of bed is tasted people more attention when washing. A. Printed bedding 1. Disable a bleach ingredient of the detergent bleach has very strong detergency, but it has the function of bleaching. It is easy to cause to take off the faded color printing products. 2. Waiting for detergent fully dissolved in water. In the bed is tasted in any machine wash or hand wash, choose good detergent, put the detergent in the water dissolves adequately, add the dirty bedding bag. So dirty bedding bag can fully absorb the clean molecules in detergent, in favor of the cleaning of the bed is tasted. 3. Not in the water for a long time, Should not be commonly more than 1 hour) In water for a long time, not only has damage to the printed the colour and lustre of bedding bag, at the same time too long soak can cause fabric expansion, deformation, shorten its service life. 4. Not for a long time in the sun insolates, long time exposure can make the bed is tasted also fade. Embroidery embroidery products products are mostly composed of computer embroidery, and also has a part is composed of hand embroidery, embroidered products when washing the biggest worry is the fear of embroidered silk line, reel off raw silk from cocoons, the hook is bad, even washing embroidered products except in accordance with the printed products of 1, 2, 3, point to carry on the outside, remember, before the point 3 soak, must first put the embroidery bedding bag inside out, in one side of your embroidery. Then put into the washing machine has been dissolved detergent, must take the soft washing way. 4. When washing embroidered such bed is tasted no matter how big is your home washing machine capacity, every time can only be washed separately such bed is tasted. Do not add other clothes, prevent clothing buttons or other metal products and embroidered silk winding. 5. Embroidery bedding bag before drying out, try to pull the quilt cover flat drying, drying, also try to avoid drying conditional. Because the embroidery bedding bag of ribbon is likely to be in the process of drying deformation, cause not beautiful. When ironing must adopt low temperature. ( Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers tip)
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